We live in a digital world, with the time available everywhere you look. All you need to do is to simply touch the screen of your smartphone. However, high-end luxury watches still enjoy popularity with men and women alike. It’s all about having a piece of fine watchmaking and a stylish accessory on your wrist at the same time. Moreover, let’s not forget that a luxury watch can make a powerful statement about its owner, as well as underline his or her impeccable style. Besides, this applies not only to elegant dress watches but to bold and weird timepieces too. With that in mind, here are 5 of the most unusual luxury watches that are sure to attract everyone’s attention to your wrist! 

1. Corum Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is perhaps the most interesting luxury watch model ever created by Corum. Introduced in 1980, it is distinguished by the very first and actually the only in-line baguette mechanical movement in the market. Moreover, this movement, with bridges and plate in 18k gold, is clearly seen through sapphire crystals that cover both sides of the case. Besides, most of the Golden Bridge models have no dial at all, which makes them especially unique and eye-catching.

Corum Golden Bridge

2. HD3 Slyde

The HD3 Slyde is definitely one of the most creative and unusual high-end watches on today’s market. The fact is that this timepiece is a somewhat digital interpretation of the Swiss watchmaking traditions and values, which makes it extremely popular with even those who don’t wear wrist watches every day. Besides, its touchscreen display and high-tech design are two more things that set this luxury watch apart from the crowd.

HD3 Slyde Full Black

3. Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table

Inspired by the legend of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table model from the Roger Dubuis Excalibur collection is not just a beautiful, precise automatic watch, but also one of the most creative and exceptional designer watches ever. Its newest version with sculpted miniature bronze knights placed on the engraved black jade dial instead of the conventional hour markers is the best proof of that.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II

4. SevenFriday P2

Even though the P2 series of uniquely designed high-end watches by SevenFriday is undoubtedly not a common one, it is still extremely popular all over the world now. Inspired by vintage steam machines, these timepieces boast a stylish industrial look while remaining accurate mechanical watches equipped with a high-quality Japanese movement.

SevenFriday P2B/01

5. Romain Jerome PAC-MAN

Created in honor of one of the greatest video games and the most recognized pixelated character of all time, the Romain Jerome PAC-MAN watch will never let you go unnoticed. With its complex black pixelated 3D dial decorated with the iconic PAC-MAN character, strawberries, and frozen ghosts hand-painted in cold enamel, it is definitely one of the weirdest yet coolest luxury watches on the market.

Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Level II

As you can see, the world of high-end watches is indeed diverse, with something unique to match every taste. So if you want to have a truly exceptional luxury watch, now you know what to look for!