Founded by Marie-Etienne Nitot in 1780 in Paris, the House of Chaumet is primarily known for creating high-end jewelry. However, two hundred years of excellence in the jewelry making industry allowed the company to start production of high-quality luxury watches for men and women, distinguished by a perfect combination of the Parisian refinement and the best Swiss watchmaking traditions and craftsmanship. Precious and accurate at the same time, Chaumet watches are now considered icons of both fine watchmaking and high jewelry art. However, while all horological creations produced under this brand are special in their own way, Chaumet timepieces with exceptional dials are truly unique. Here are just a few examples to prove this statement. 

1. Chaumet Hortensia “Astres d’Or”

Combining the brilliance of diamonds with the richness of the mother-of-pearl, the Chaumet Hortensia “Astres d’Or” is a perfect example of Chaumet watches. Enclosed in an 18k white gold case, this beautiful timepiece boasts an exceptional mother-of-pearl dial hand-engraved with a distinctive hortensia pattern that simply cannot go unnoticed. Moreover, this luxury watch equipped with a high-precision Swiss quartz movement is available with a variety of satin straps for any taste.

Chaumet Hortensia “Astres d’Or” Ref. W20120-05D

2. Chaumet Attrape-Moi... Si Tu M’Aimes

This exceptional limited edition timepiece is created by the best Chaumet craftsmen, using enameling and miniature painting techniques that make it stand out from many other designer watches. Featuring an 18k rose gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a beautiful artistic dial decorated with turquoise poppies, a mother-of-pearl enameled butterfly, and blue sapphires, this precious automatic mechanical luxury watch is sure to please any lady.

Chaumet Attrape-Moi... Si Tu M’Aimes Ref. W16888-38I

3. Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Beautes de Givre”

A true masterpiece of watchmaking and jewelry art, the Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Beautes de Givre” is distinguished by its accurate self-winding movement and a refined mother-of-pearl dial adorned with polished, hand-carved jellyfishes and glamorous sapphire filaments. The 18k white gold case and lugs are additionally decorated with sapphires and diamonds for a more luxurious look of this elegant ladies watch.

Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Beautes de Givre” Ref. W21180-06A

4. Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Splash”

Another perfect example of Chaumet jewelry watches is the Lumieres D’Eau “Splash” model. Enclosed in an 18k white gold case adorned with diamonds and tourmalines, it boasts a very exceptional dial with a hand-carved white jade whale tail also surrounded by numerous tourmalines and sapphires. Moreover, this stunning luxury watch is powered by a precise automatic movement visible through the skeleton sapphire crystal back.

Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Splash” Ref. W21181-06C

5. Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Stalactites”

Made of platinum with 18k white gold elements, the Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Stalactites” is exceptional in many ways. First of all, its white mother-of-pearl dial is skillfully hidden under the sliding crystal component of the manchette. Secondly, this elite quartz watch is completely decorated with almost 1,000 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 31.46 carats.

Chaumet Lumieres D’Eau “Stalactites” Ref. W21521-01B

As you can see, Chaumet watches are indeed masterpieces of both watchmaking and jewelry art. No wonder, they are so much desired by luxury watch collectors from all over the world.