In 1919, the Swiss company Milus was just a small family business. The watchmaking brand was founded by Paul William Junod. After that, the business was passed down from generation to generation but never stopped being family business.

The situation changed dramatically by the end of the 90s of the last century. The management of the company made the requirements and tastes of the target audience the central reference point of the production. Since then, no Swiss timepiece company can compete with Milus in its sensitivity to the customers. The focus is solely on the requirements of the market, which determines the success of the brand.

Along with such giants as Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, and others, the company Milus pays excellent attention to human resources. It employs the best jewelers, designers, and watchmakers of the country, the qualification of which allows you to create unique collections of high-end watches.

Milus Apiana 18k Rose Gold Quartz Ladies Watch API-Z01

Since 2002, Milus began to pay great attention to expensive women’s timekeeping devices. From this time, wristwatches for male connoisseurs occupy a smaller share of production. New product lines appear irregularly, but they are always quickly sold out.

The price of both male and female models is quite high. This is due primarily to the use of expensive materials in production: white, yellow, and rose gold, steel, and decorative elements of precious stones. A series of creation is rather small, not more than 20 copies in one collection. The top-quality timepieces from this brand are powered by Swiss ETA movement – quartz or mechanical.

The new concept of the company formulated in the early 2000s is called Milus Highly Personal. The owner of the Milus wristwatch is a rich, ambitious, diplomatic person who has made a brilliant career and won the recognition of society. Most often, we are talking about a modern woman –democratic, educated, and purposeful. Thus, the brand became a symbol of independence and solvency.

Milus Eridana Stainless Steel Swiss Quartz Ladies Watch ERI-S02

International advertising campaigns and promotions are aimed at the same audience. As a means of influence, images of wealthy and famous people known around the world and distinguished by their own, inimitable style are used. Over the past years, many collections of high-end watches and jewelry from Milus have been released that were named after constellations or mythical heroes, which once again emphasizes the highest level of the brand: Monocera, Eridana, Persea, Ophoia, Agenios, Herios, Xephios, and many others.

Straps, sapphire glass, and exquisite décor – each part of these stunning timekeeping devices is manufactured of gold, platinum, pearls, rubies, and other valuable materials. On the back of the case, you can always find a corporate engraving of the company. Continuation of the elegant form is impeccable content. Swiss manufacturers of mechanisms are recognized as the best in the world, and Milus is undoubtedly one of them.

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