The history of the Tiffany & Co brand begins in 1837 in New York with a small stationery store on Broadway. The company’s founders are Charles Lewis Tiffany and John F. Young. In 1841, J. L. Ellis joined them. Then jewelry and silverware appeared on sale, and later, in 1847, luxury watches.

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In 1853, Charles Lewis Tiffany became the sole owner of the company. And in 1874, a colossal timepiece factory opened in Geneva. A year later, the brand patented its first inventions in the field of watch improvements. These were anchor triggers, a mechanism for setting hands, and clock controls. In 1879, one of the most famous specialists of the time in this field, George Frederick Kunz, became Tiffany’s leading gemologist. In 1902, he discovered a new stone, later called kunzite. A year later, Kunz developed and patented fluorescent paint. Both discoveries are used in Tiffany & Co wristwatches to this day.

After the passing of Charles Lewis in 1902, the management of the company was entrusted to his son – Louis Comfort Tiffany. Louis Comfort was already one of the most prominent American designers, a representative of the Art Deco movement. He approved the Tiffany Art Jewelry division, which dealt with design developments. The most famous designers of the world worked with Tiffany & Co at various times. Among them were Andy Warhol, Eliza Peretti, and Paloma Picasso. Despite the fact that the company focused on the design of timekeeping devices, the technical side was also not far behind. In 2007, Tiffany & Co entered into an alliance with the Swatch Group, resulting in the birth of a new brand – Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd.

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Some fascinating facts about Tiffany & Co

  • The starting capital of the company was only $1,000, which was lent to friends by Tiffany’s father, and the profit on an opening day was about $5.
  • In 1883, New York City introduced standard time, and it was Tiffany & Co who was charged with monitoring the setting of all timepieces in the city.
  • The first brand’s catalog, known as the “Blue Book,” was released in 1845. It is still being produced today.
  • In 1945, Franklin Roosevelt received a luxury watch for his birthday from Tiffany & Co, which he wore to a conference in Yalta. In 2015, the Tiffany CT60 collection was released, inspired by this iconic wristwatch.
  • Tiffany is often mentioned in popular movies. And for the main character of the film adaptation of the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby,” Tiffany even produced exclusive jewelry.

Tiffany & Co Atlas 18K Yellow Gold Chapmagne Dial Quartz Ladies Watch 23152

The most famous and limited collections of Tiffany & Co

In 1853, the founder of Tiffany & Co, Charles Lewis Tiffany, installed a statue of Atlas, holding an enormous clock, above the entrance to the boutique – the first street clock in America. Then many residents set their wristwatches by it. And 130 years later, in 1983, the famous Atlas timepiece collection was released. Gorgeous models for male and female connoisseurs made of stainless steel and rose gold have become the epitome of luxury and impeccable style.

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