Speaking of young companies successfully competing with the old masters, most often we are talking about brands that produce high-end watches. Manufacturers who started their journey with pocket watches, as a rule, have a century-old history. However, the true masters, in whatever century they were born, pay tribute to the heritage of the great timepiece creators and become an exception to the rule. One of such masters is François-Paul Journe.

F.P. Journe Centigraphe Titanium

Photo courtesy of WatchInvest

F.P. Journe Invenit et Fecit was established in 1999 and managed to attract the attention of true connoisseurs of watchmaking in record time. The introduction of new features and fully manual production of timekeeping devices, down to the smallest details, make each model of the manufacturer totally exclusive. From an aesthetic point of view, F.P. Journe high-end watch collections are meticulously designed in the best traditions of the Swiss watchmaking school.

Thus, in the fall of 2018, the brand released new bright models with yellow dials – the Centigraphe Sport Titanium and Automatique Sport Titanium. And almost a year later, the manufacturer introduced other bold novelties – the Centigraphe and Automatique Réserve watches in platinum and 6N rose gold of the 750 test. The case with a diameter of 44 millimeters produced from these precious materials with matching metal bracelets and embossed finish gives a new tension to the lineSport wristwatch collection.

F.P. Journe Centigraphe 6N Rose Gold

Photo courtesy of WatchInvest

The model’s bezel with ceramic inserts corresponds to the Chronographe Rattrapante watch codes with numbers engraved on a platinum or gold base. The dial of the golden model is made of guilloché silver covered with Ruthenium, and features applied numbers of matte 6N gold of the 750 test. The chronograph counters and a small seconds hand are produced from guilloché silver as well. The dial of the platinum version is manufactured of guilloché silver of blue-purple color with applied gray matte gold numbers, while the chronograph counters and a small second hand are produced solely from guilloché silver.  

F.P. Journe Automatique Réserve Titanium

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The manual-winding movement of the Centigraphe high-end watch indicates elapsed time periods on three sub-dials: 1/100 second at the 10-o’clock position, 20 seconds around 2 o’clock and 10 minutes at the 6-o’clock position. The chromatograph starts, stops and resets to zero with the help of a patented trigger system located on the case ring (around 2 o’clock) instead of the usual push buttons on both sides of the crown. Centigraphe supports medical research conducted by the ICM, Brain and Spine Institute in Paris. Along with some outstanding French scientists and artists, among which are actor Jean Reno and director Luc Besson, François-Paul Journe has committed to transfer 30% of the profit from the sale of each Centigraphe to the ICM for an unlimited time.   

Another decent example of an F.P. Journe top-notch timepiece – Automatique Réserve – displays the day and night time, as well as the date. The date window has become even larger (4.7 x 2.6 millimeters) for optimal reading. The automatic movement in the rose-gold version with a decentered rotor uses the slightest movement of the wrist for proper winding of the watch, thus providing a fantastic power reserve of 160 hours. 

F.P. Journe Automatique Réserve 6N Rose Gold

Photo courtesy of WatchInvest

François-Paul Journe models are distinguished by the most exceptional accuracy of their execution and operation. Thus, these incredible timepieces are a must-have. Luckily, our collection of used high-end watches contains refined timekeeping devices from F.P. Journe and other eminent brands. Check it out!