What is so special about Philip Stein watches? First of all, these timepieces are reliable, accurate, and stylish, which makes them a perfect choice for daily wear. Secondly, they all come at very reasonable prices to meet any budget. However, the most important thing about these luxury watches is that they are designed to help bring people back to a more relaxed state, which makes them innovative in many ways. The fact is that all Philip Stein watches are equipped with a unique Natural Frequency Technology that improves the wearer’s overall wellbeing, helps fight against jet lag, gives more energy, and do many other things. This all makes Philip Stein luxury watches an integral part of the wellbeing lifestyle. Here are our top 5 models to consider when choosing a perfect timepiece for daily wear. 

1. Philip Stein Classic Round

Combining traditional watchmaking with innovative technology, Philip Stein Classic Round watches are all about reliability and distinctive, elegant look. Moreover, being timeless and refined at the same time, these timepieces can easily go from work to an evening out. This is especially true for this exquisite two-tone yellow gold plated model with a classic silver dial.

Philip Stein Classic Round Large Ref. 42TG-SILG

2. Philip Stein Active Extreme Chronograph

Created for adventurous, athletic people leading active lifestyle, the Philip Stein Active Extreme Chronograph is a worthy choice if you are looking for a perfect luxury watch to wear during training and sport. Besides, thanks to the Natural Frequency Technology, it will help you feel more focused and less stressed while remaining a stylish accessory suitable for any occasion.

Philip Stein Active Extreme Chronograph Ref. 33-XBL-RB 

3. Philip Stein Signature Swiss

Introduced in 2003, the Signature collection is perhaps the most recognizable series of Philip Stein high-end watches, which additionally distinguishes this brand as one of the most innovative watchmaking companies of recent times. Moreover, featuring dual time zone dials, it is also an irreplaceable tool for frequent travelers, not to mention the Natural Frequency Technology that helps ease the day for its wearer.

Philip Stein Signature Swiss Large Ref. 200-SBE

4. Philip Stein Colors

Playful and fun, Philip Stein Colors luxury watches are created to add some radiance to the wearer’s image. This is especially true for the ladies timepieces distinguished by their bright colored straps to meet any taste and need. Besides, you can even choose a model with a refined mother-of-pearl dial and diamond hour markers for a more luxurious look.

Philip Stein Colors Small Ref. F36S-MOPCR-TQ

5. Philip Stein Modern

The Modern series is one more perfect example of unique Philip Stein watches for men and women. Featuring elongated oval cases and equipped with the groundbreaking Natural Frequency Technology to help people feel, look, and live in tune, these timepieces are both stylish and innovative. Besides, they are available in a variety of colors and materials to match any wardrobe.

Philip Stein Modern Large Ref. 72RGP-CRGBK-SSMBP

In this way, Philip Stein high-end watches are much more than simply beautiful and reliable timepieces. They are beneficial to life and health, which sets all of them apart from many other modern models of luxury watches.