In 1979, the Polo collection of high-end watches demonstrated the free and sporty sides of the Piaget manufactory’s style. This year the wristwatch line has been replenished with opulent novelties that reflect the very essence of Piaget craftsmanship and feed the life-affirming creativity of the collection with bright color accents and luxurious diamond finish.

Piaget Polo G0A44011

In 2016, the sumptuous models of Piaget Polo series updated their appearance. Designers have kept the delicate proportions of these high-end watches, making the case bigger and fitting in an oval bezel. Classic faceted dauphine hands replaced the sharp corners on the softer contours. If in the original time device of 1979 on the case and the dial there were “folds,” smoothly passing to the bracelet, then in the updated timepieces this visual accent gave way to guilloché (on the dial).

Piaget Polo G0A44010

Once in 2018 to the steel models of the wristwatch collection were added cheering models in gold, the designers decided to experiment in other areas, in particular, with color scheme and inlay. One of the models received a steel case and a green dial, which changes the hue and degree of color saturation depending on the angle of sunlight. The strap of this high-end watch, produced in a limited series of 500 copies, is carefully selected to match the dial.

Piaget Polo Green Dial Ref. G0A44001

The second model, which received a case constructed out of 18-karat red gold, is presented in two versions with different versions of jewelry. In the first case, the bezel of this astonishing time device is encrusted with diamonds of a classic cut, in the second – in addition to the bezel, the dial of the timepiece is completely inlaid with stones. These high-end watches come with two genuine leather straps: dark blue, which highlights the brilliance of diamonds, and mahogany, perfectly complementing the warm shade of red gold.

Piaget Polo G0A44011

Inside the case with a diameter of 42 millimeters, an automatic caliber 1110P is installed, which supports the indication of hours, minutes and seconds and the date display.

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