It is not a secret that Cartier is one of the most celebrated luxury watch manufacturers in the world. Characterized by cutting-edge technology, creativity, and attention to detail, its timepieces have always been admired by celebrities, royals, passionate collectors, and affluent aficionados alike. Plus, this brand is known for its many original designs, especially when it comes to ladies luxury watches. Let’s just remember the Cartier La Dona and the Panthere De Cartier models, available in all possible materials and styles. Moreover, this company has recently introduced a truly unique series of designer Cartier watches for sale, which will be officially presented at SIHH 2018. 

The Cartier Libre includes several of the most iconic Cartier models with renewed design, each created in a very limited edition. Get ready to be amazed at the beauty and majesty of these precious creations! 

1. Cartier Libre Crash Radieuse

The Crash Radieuse is a somewhat psychedelic reinterpretation of the legendary Cartier Crash model, limited to 50 copies worldwide. The fact is that it is decorated with black lacquered lines visible on both the silver dial and the yellow gold case, which creates a unique shockwave motif. Plus, the novelty is powered by an accurate hand-winding mechanical movement.

Cartier Libre Crash Radieuse

2. Cartier Libre Baignoire Interdite

Enclosed in a white gold Baignoire case turned on its side, the new Baignoire Interdite model is distinguished by its eye-catching design made with covered in black ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) crisscrossed strips. Besides, its bezel is entirely decorated with diamonds that add a touch of glamour to the overall stylish look. This quartz model is also limited to only 50 pieces.

Cartier Libre Baignoire Interdite

3. Cartier Libre Baignoire Etoilée

The Baignoire Etoilée is a true jewelry luxury watch that can be easily worn to the red carpet. Representing a cascade of diamonds and black spinels, this elite quartz white gold model is limited to 15 copies. In other words, even though the Baignoire Etoilée is one of those Cartier watches that come at big prices, it is definitely worth every penny spent.

Cartier Libre Baignoire Etoilée

4. Cartier Libre Baignoire Infinie

Enclosed in a white gold case and decorated with black spinel and mother-of-pearl tiles, the Baignoire Infinie is a creative jewelry variation of the Baignoire Allongée model. Powered by a precise quartz movement, it is limited to 20 copies worldwide.

Cartier Libre Baignoire Infinie

5. Cartier Libre Baignoire Débordante

One more masterpiece from the new Cartier Libre series is the Baignoire Débordante model limited to 50 pieces. Decorated with diamonds and black spinels set on a lattice work, this gorgeous white gold quartz watch is guaranteed to adorn the wrist of any lady.

Cartier Libre Baignoire Débordante

However, while all of the above models are not the most affordable in the Cartier watches price list, it does not mean that you cannot afford a luxurious timepiece created by this company. At MidTown Watch, we offer our customers a full range of affordable Cartier watches to meet any budget. Check for yourself!