Two brands radically different in terms of timepiece design have pleased their audience with new fascinating additions to their famous product lines. As one can see, classic black and brown colors continue to prevail in the color scheme of modern timekeeping devices by Roger Dubuis and Harry Winston. Nevertheless, blue-colored luxury watches and variations of the “sky color” slowly pave their way into the hearts of demanded timepiece connoisseurs. This time, we are reviewing some prominent novelties from two world-known companies – Roger Dubuis and Harry Winston.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight and Excalibur Spider Carbon 3

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Blue

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In May 2019, Roger Dubuis presented new opulent models from the Excalibur line at Glion Car Museum in Osaka, Japan. Three Excalibur Blacklight luxury watches and a gorgeous timepiece named Excalibur Spider Carbon 3 joined the flagship collection of the brand.  

The Excalibur Blacklight models boast signature Roger Dubuis star-shaped design mechanisms, also known as Astral Skeleton. In the process of its production, the brand masters used innovative technology based on microstructures of the sapphire grown in the laboratory.  

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Purple

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The star in the wristwatch mechanism (caliber RD820SQ) glows in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet, creating a feeling of a floating light pattern set inside a 42-millimeter transparent case.

The bold timekeeping device is available in versions of rose gold, white gold or titanium with DLC-coating. Release of the rose-gold version is limited to a series of 28 copies only, while luxury watches in white gold and titanium are limited to 88 copies each.

The Excalibur Spider Carbon 3 model has one interesting feature. The carbon stated in the model’s name is used in all structural elements of the stunning novelty, including the carriage of the flying tourbillon. The replaceable strap and the screw-down crown cover are manufactured of heavy-duty rubberTech textile. The release of this unforgettable wristwatch, which can be purchased only in Roger Dubuis boutiques, is also limited to a series of 28 copies.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Carbon 3

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Harry Winston Emerald Collection

One of the leading watch series of Harry Winston along with Project Z series, Emerald Collection, was replenished with several new products. If so far, the collection included specifically feminine, miniature models, this time the “emeralds” from Harry Winston were released in a slightly larger format than usual. Two models with automatic movement and four luxury watches running on a quartz mechanism were added to the Emerald Collection. Both versions are available with cases produced from white or rose gold. In two of the four quartz models, diamonds set on the bezel and lugs of the chic timepiece emphasize the emerald-looking shape of the case.   

Inside the Emerald automatic models, there is caliber HW2003 equipped with fantastic 72-hour power reserve. Caliber HW5104 ensures the precise operation of the quartz models. This luxury watch is attached to the wrist with a strap manufactured of genuine alligator leather. The straps come either in brown (rose-gold versions) or in blue (models executed in white gold) to match the dial. Leather straps are completed with a buckle made of 18-karat gold featuring a “Harry Winston” engraving.

Harry Winston Emerald White Gold and Harry Winston Emerald Rose Gold

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A recognizable style distinguishes both Roger Dubuis and Harry Winston. Hence, it is not surprising that the models of these brands are in high demand among the admirers of high art of watchmaking. If you are one of such appreciators, don’t forget to visit our collection of used luxury watches. There are many affordable branded timepieces waiting for you!