The Premier product line is one of the most notable collections of the renowned brand Harry Winston. Meet two fantastic additions to this legendary timepiece series.

Harry Winston Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic Automatic 36 mm

Harry Winston has introduced a new high-end watch from the Premier collection. The Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic model received a white gold case (36.40 x 10.50 mm) complemented by a blue-green opal dial.

Harry Winston Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic Automatic 36 mm PRNAHM36WW023

Photo courtesy of Harry Winston

The stunning timepiece attracts attention with a vortex motif on the dial. It represents a spiral of white gold quadrangles decreasing in size as they approach the center. The sides of the quadrangles are lined with 72 diamonds and 72 blue sapphires of baguette-cut. In the center of the picture, 24 princess-cut precious stones form an elegant rosette. When you look at the dial, there is a sense of movement and depth, which is only enhanced by the iridescent shimmer of opal. At the junction of the hour and minute hands, you can see a small star rotating clockwise, which is an indicator of proper operation of the self-winding mechanism installed under the dial. The bezel, the sides of the case and the lugs at the 6- and the 12-o’clock positions are inlaid with 161 baguette-cut shiny gems in the invisible setting technique. The strap mounts are decorated with classic-cut diamonds, and the screw-down crown is topped with a blue sapphire.

On the caseback, there is a transparent sapphire crystal cover, which allows you to see the refined finish of the clock mechanism with a 72-hour power reserve and its winding rotor in 18-carat rose gold.

The opulent novelty is offered to be worn on a matte blue alligator leather strap. The strap features a white gold buckle encrusted with 28 baguette-cut gemstones. The release of the Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic Automatic model is limited to a series of eight copies.

Harry Winston Premier Precious Peacock Automatic 36mm

Thanks to the beautiful old art of glass micromosaics, luxurious peacocks come to life on the dial of the Premier Precious Peacock Automatic wristwatch.

Harry Winston Premier Precious Peacock Automatic 36mm PRNAHM36WW026

Photo courtesy of Harry Winston

The essence of the technique is that manually cut pieces of marble, colored glass, or stone – also known as tesserae – are applied to the adhesive base following the predetermined pattern. First, the glass mass heated to a state of softness and flexibility is mixed in specific proportions until the desired color is obtained. Then, long thin threads are formed from this mass, and, as soon as the glass cools, with the help of tweezers, it is cut into tesserae and fixed on an adhesive basis. To glass get firmly entrenched on the surface, it is sent to the furnace for firing and then polished to a characteristic shine.

The gorgeous timepiece from Harry Winston is presented in white and rose gold cases. The silhouette of a peacock is outlined in yellow gold and is filled with a colored glass mosaic with 152 diamonds of classic cut. A dial executed in blue-green tones complements the version in white gold, and the “eyes” on the peacock feathers are marked with eight blue sapphires. A more feminine high-end watch in rose gold received a dial made in pink and crimson tones. Rubies of classic cut play the role of the “eyes” on the tail of the bird. Playing with different shades within a given color scheme and placing pieces of glass of various shapes at different angles, Harry Winston masters create an extraordinary sense of movement. Fifty-seven precious stones on the bezel and five more cone-shaped gems on the lugs and screw-down crown complete the image of the fabulous wristwatch.  

Harry Winston Premier Precious Peacock Automatic 36mm PRNAHM36RR027

Photo courtesy of Harry Winston

The magnificent timekeeping device is powered by the caliber HW2008, a Swiss-made automatic movement equipped with a silicon balance helix and a 72-hour power reserve. Both versions of this high-end watch are released in a limited edition of 30 copies.

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