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A. Dunhill

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Alfred Dunhill decided to conquer the market in 1893 in London. He started his own business by opening a small shop selling car accessories. It was a brave step in those times given the limited use of cars. However, very soon, his car watches became extremely popular among customers. The popularity of the brand was enormous and grew day by day from the very beginning of the business. The first collection of accessories was so luxurious and sophisticated that Alfred Dunhill took the risk of men’s watches production. A. Dunhill timepieces were a sensation, and they are currently ranked #1 worldwide, making A. Dunhill a leader of luxury goods market. However, the most notable and diverse collections produced by this excellent and reliable brand include men’s accessories. Mechanisms of the first car watch were delivered from the best companies in Switzerland, and this quality is still maintained in the manufacturing process of modern A. Dunhill wrist watches. You can feel the spirit of the past and future at the same time when wearing this stylish accessory. A. Dunhill products continue to combine excellent functionality, British nobleness, and original design. For four years from 2005 to 2009, the official representative of the brand was the famous and talented Hollywood actor Jude Law. During that period, several stylish and professional advertisements of A. Dunhill watches were created that caught attention of connoisseurs all over the world. Since 2008, the famous designer Kim Jones, who earned the status of the best British designer in 2006 and 2009, became the Chief Creative Officer of this prestigious brand. This position was later given to Fabrizio Cardinali, who was then followed by Andrew Maag who continues to lead the famous brand towards the pinnacles of success. Today, the company manufactures such items and accessories for men and women as jewelry, clothes, luxury pens, perfume, and watches. People from different countries buy these prestigious luxury goods in order to highlight their status and use only best products for life and business. Many people became fans of this famous brand due to films about James Bond, as the company’s luxury and prestigious accessories featured in many Bond films. For example, Sir Thomas Sean Connery used one A. Dunhill lighter when playing the legendary special agent. Many timepieces produced by the company several years ago are currently highly appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs from all over the world. They search for used luxury watches of the great brand to obtain the perfection of the modern watchmaking industry. From the moment Alfred Dunhill started his company till the present days, A. Dunhill brand has prided itself of innovative ideas and outstanding durability. It is not surprising, therefore, that even used watches of this brand look stylish and admirable. The high quality of items is controlled at each stage of production, from material procurement to designing of watches and the marketing process. Representatives of social elite and celebrities adore this brand for its holistic excellence. When buying these beautiful and timeless watches, you will highlight your aesthetic taste and status!

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