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It is difficult to believe that this luxury and prestigious brand was once nothing but a supplier of mechanisms and repair parts for timepieces of other brands. In 1901, the company began manufacturing its own authentic wristwatches. The history of one of the most famous watch brands began when Gottlieb Hauser revitalized the production and founded the “Corporation d’Horlogers Suisse.” The brand successfully operated and produced a great number of luxury watches made of the best materials for the most demanding clients of this famous house. By the beginning of 1913, the enormous popularity of the brand allowed it to extend its manufacturing to other cities like Genève, Besansone, and others. The brand increased its production due to the high demand for high-end watches. For example, the German army made a big order for Alpina watches in order to provide its commissioned staff with durable and technically advanced accessories. The beginning of the World War I was challenging Alpina factories. This was the first barrier on the way to the successful future of the company. People working at the Alpina company didn’t give up and decided to start the “Association des Horlogers Suisses” brand to continue the manufacture of prestigious timepieces. Soon after it, the brand spread its products all over the world. It was the great maneuver allowing the company to expand outside Europe, and by 1929, the company was able to cooperate with American watch manufacturers. As soon as the brand merged with Gruen (the famous American brand of timepieces), Alpina watches began conquering the world of the American watch market. Soon after that, the brand changed its main philosophy and decided to expand its product range to include not only luxury and classic watches fitting business people and representatives of the social elite but also more affordable timepieces for watch connoisseurs. In 1933, the company began the production of its sports watches. That same year, Alpina represented a brand-new collection of luxurious, expensive timepieces, with the famous “Blockuhr” watch being one of them. But what attracts the attention of customers? What is so special about these watches that makes them so popular among both exclusive and regular customers? Mechanical components of the high-quality, finely decorated movements, and an easily identifiable design are the hallmarks of the company’s products. The heavy and solid golden body of the timepieces makes them unbreakable and highly resistant. The company maintains its traditions in manufacturing the items and preserves its caring approach to the assemblage of each model. High-end Alpina timepieces are beloved accessories of the social elite and aristocracy. Despite numerous challenges faced by the company during the past century, its timepieces are still among the best luxury accessories on the market attracting thousands of people with their exquisite design. Pre-owned Alpina watches are sold at high prices because of their exclusiveness and prestige. Many connoisseurs of the watchmaking craftsmanship prefer wearing used and rare timepieces, as they expose the real watchmaking mastery of the past, present, and future!

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