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Armand Nicolet

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Armand Nicolet is the brand producing high-quality luxury watches with the unique design and specific assemblage of the mechanisms making them extremely durable and accurate. The history of the company is connected with a talented watchmaker Armand Nicolet, who was born in 1890. He grew up among numerous mechanisms and timepieces, which his father repaired and crafted being an ordinary watchman. Years passed by and little boy became an outstanding and hardworking apprentice showing great talent and passion for watch manufacturing. Armand’s obsession with timepieces has naturally transformed into the dreams of having his own manufacturing business. Soon he became the owner of a watchmaking company and led the brand to the fame and worldwide acknowledgment. The epoch of high-end watches began, which gave Nicolet the opportunity to develop his business and produce strikingly beautiful and comfortable models of timepieces for the aristocracy. Accurate and luxurious Armand Nicolet watches made by the company have created a stir among the watch connoisseurs! The first prestigious golden watch “Guilloche” with chronograph and calendar was made of gold and became an absolute top seller among the social elite and business people. After the death of the great watchman, his son William followed his father’s footsteps and traditions of the company. Today you can buy a wide range of high-quality watches of the Armand Nicolet brand. What is more important, you can find timepieces at various prices due to the great range of materials. That is why, this brand is highly popular among different customers, as everybody can buy elegant and functional watches of the premium class at a surprising cost. Because the brand has been the leader among high-end manufacturers of the past and present, Armand Nicolet pre-owned watches are highly appreciated in the modern market as well. Some rare models are much more expensive than numerous high-end product lines launched recently. Devotion of the brand’s watchmakers and designers to their hard and complicated work influences the accuracy of products so that every little piece of these wonderful watches reflects three main concepts of the company – the quality, endurance, and style. One of their breakthroughs was the creation of the innovative and outstanding Venus movement, which has influenced further products and collections of the famous house enormously. One more excellent invention of Armand Nicolet’s craftsmen was the adjuster that allows regulating timepieces easily and without opening them. In fact, this outstanding brand made a lot for enhancing the quality of its products, and it had a great impact on the entire watchmaking industry of the 20th century. You can be sure that every little piece of Armand Nicolet’s watches has been created with care and great attention to details. Timepieces of such high quality are produced limitedly because of the diligent and hard work required to make each product look perfect. Due to this, the brand has become one of the leaders in the modern watchmaking market producing meticulously crafted watches with a unique identity. If you search for perfection, do not hesitate to buy timepieces of the Armand Nicolet brand!

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