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Some moments in our life can’t be valued, and no money of the world will be enough to buy these minutes. However, you can always obtain luxurious, elegant Azad timepieces highlighting the greatness of the event and your need for freedom. While being one of the top watchmaking companies, the Azad house is aimed at producing not only beautiful and prestigious elements of style that all men and women like but also at providing people with perfect timepieces. Dedication to traditions and respect for the past and future technologies create a perfect combination to offer you elite and high-end watches of your dreams.
Azad is the brand established in New York and carrying traditions of the best watchmakers for more than twenty-five years. Only one man and one dream were enough to create the empire of the world-famous watchmaking company. Once obtaining an elegant and classical timepiece of the brand, you won’t want to buy another one; as our designers and watchmakers are focused on meeting every requirement of most demanding customers.
The first collection of Azad watches was introduced to the broader public in 2009. The brand launched a few items, and their prices vary from 1,000 to 50,000 dollars. Many famous and wealthy people are clients of this popular and prestigious brand. For example, a well-known rapper 50 Cent often appears in luxury and elegant men’s timepieces made by Azad masters in the public. Besides, even the U.S. President Donald Trump is crazy about sophisticated and marvelous wrist watches of the brand. One also needs to emphasize the thoughtful approach to the brand’s clients allowing to offer not only original versions of the products but also some custom services to upgrade a model with diamonds or other precious gems. In other words, if you want to change the design of the watches a little bit by adding some gold and sapphires, the skillful watchmen of the company will do it specially for you. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade each item from numerous collections of the honorable brand. You can be sure that any of these versions will attract the attention of the most demanding customers. 
Due to its mastery and attention to details, the Azad company became very famous since 2009 and rightfully occupies an important place in the modern watchmaking industry. For example, the brand was chosen to create Olympics timepieces that were called “Legend of the Game.” This collection is highly appreciated by many connoisseurs around the world who wish to get unique and rare new and pre-owned luxury watches of the famous brand.
A great number of the brand’s product lines include different high-quality items from sports wrist watches to high-end classic timepieces. Bright colors, elegant movements and textures, as well as complicated, durable mechanisms will expose your individuality in the best and most appropriate way. Azad is translated from Persian as freedom, and we want you to achieve this great state and release yourself from bonds of everyday life with the help of these elegant watches. Feel the freedom, feel the luxury!

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