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With the development of the United States’ railroads and trains, people faced the necessity to know precise time. For this reason, Mr. Webb C. Bell, who was assigned as a rail inspector, decided to provide an elegant solution to the problem by establishing the watch company called “Ball.” The society and the U.S. government understood how important it was to know the accurate time, especially after two trains crashed in 1891. These disasters were the result of the time neglection, and to avoid such accidents in the future, the authorities chose the right person for it. Luckily, Mr. Ball was fond of watchmaking; he scheduled the time table of trains’ departure and arrival according to adjusted time. Webster Clay Ball was born in 1847 in Ohio. He became the legend of the watchmaking business and had a great impact on the industry. Ball was a pioneer among the country’s watchmakers because he was the first to use standard time. It was the beginning of his career, and when he started to work on the Lake Shore Lines, his great invention of the controlling system was adopted at 75% of the railroads across the country. Moreover, Ball spread this system in Mexico and Canada as well. As the future watchman became the keeper of time, the logical decision was to start his own watchmaking business. There is nothing surprising that it became highly popular because Ball was the national hero who found the solution to the pressing problem. The talented watchman founded his prestigious and popular brand in 1894. While being strongly interested in the watch manufacturing industry, he became the owner of the most prestigious and well-known brand of America. Today, the company continues to upgrade the range of Ball watches taking into consideration all wishes of its clients. Despite numerous novelties and innovations, the company remains faithful to Webb Ball’s traditions and standards adopted many years ago. The distinguishing traits such as dials that are made in the style of railroad clocks are the reflection of the main concept of this famous brand. Ball used watches of the beginning of the XX century are tidbits for numerous collectors and connoisseurs of the brand. These old timepieces of high-end quality and endurance are great prototypes of the modern collections. This luxury and famous house is still respected and able to compete with the most outstanding watch manufacturers of the world. By keeping pace with people’s requirements and latest technologies, the company updates its products day by day by adding more complicated and elegant details to both design and assembly. However, despite the numerous changes, the brand still respects traditions. Every detail and every curve of the dial serves to add stylish notes to your look and highlight your taste. If you want to express your individuality, the best way to do it is to wear elegant and prestigious Ball timepieces. These accessories will add some extravagant notes to your look. Buy classic and unique Ball watches here to expose your high status.

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