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Baume & Mercier

1830 was the year of the foundation of one of the most famous and respected watchmaking houses. The story begins in a small village in Switzerland called Les Bois. Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume decided to open a company producing timepieces of the high-quality meeting requirements of the most discerning connoisseurs. The main idea behind Baume brothers’ business was making watches of the highest quality, and the company maintains this tradition in design and creation of its timepieces. In 1920, a businessman called Paul Mercier joined the company and started the new life of the brand under his smart and creative leadership. Despite the fact that the famous company was founded in 1830, the actual history of the brand goes back to 1542 when a French watchman called Louis-Joseph Baume invented a clockwork drive. Later, in 1610, he opened his first workshop where he sold and repaired wrist watches, kettles, and wall-mounted clocks of his own production. Several centuries ago, his great-grandsons decided to follow the traditions of their grandfather. Luis-Victor and Celestin Baume were extremely talented and genius masters in this sphere who developed a new stroke adjustment for kettles and wrist watches. It was a very important invention allowing to achieve excellent results in watch manufacturing. In 1844, two brothers moved to England to expand their business. Soon they launched their famous “Waterloo,” “Diviko,” and “Sirdar” models that are highly appreciated among contemporary buyers of vintage luxury timepieces. The company is well-known for its complicated watches’ mechanisms. Baume & Mercier succeeded in creating holistic chronometers and chronographs as well; due to the talent and creativeness of its watchmen, the brand invented the masterpiece called “Planetary Rotor” in 1965. The famous award “Poincon de Genève” was given to the brand in 1919 for the exceptional quality and deliberate attention to details. There were many more different prizes and awards that this outstanding and prestigious brand certainly deserved. Recently, the brand started to produce “My Classima” models of high-quality watches at affordable prices. Everybody can buy these classic and elegant wrist watches for only $1,000. The collection became the sensation, as the products combine the high-end quality of expensive Swiss watches, a marvelous design, and a sophisticated mechanism that will serve for many years. Moreover, the cost of pre-owned Baume & Mercier watches is surprising so that even middle-class customers can afford them. Besides, many models of the famous brand are of big historical value. Currently, the watchmaking house Baume & Mercier continues producing high-quality timepieces that every connoisseur will love at first sight. The brand follows traditions established by the Baume brothers 180 years ago, and the craftsmanship of the greatest watchmen continues to surprise and impress people all over the world. Baume & Mercier company meets the requirements of every person who knows the importance of possessing high-quality, luxury watches. Wear unique and amazing horological devices of the famous brand and let the time be on your side with Baume & Mercier watches.

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