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Bedat & Co

What distinguishes a good brand from numerous competitors in the market? How can a woman tell the difference between a high-quality and elite offer and a mediocre product? The solution is simple, and you don’t have to think any longer! Choose watches of the Bedat & Co brand, as the company is famous for its surprising quality together with the sophisticated and attractive design. The history of the brand began about 18 years ago when Simone Bédat, who had more than fifty years of experience in this complicated business started her company in 1996. The first collection of luxury and exquisite ladies’ watches was produced and presented in 1997 by Christian Bédat, her son. After the successful display of the new line of products, the brand became highly popular among the social elite and wealthy women. The main feature distinguishing all products of the Bedat & Co brand from others is the combination of the spirit of modern technologies and authentic traditions of the watchmaking of the most famous houses of the epoch. The eventual success of the small family business was achieved due to high quality of its products. Bedat & Co company designs different types of fine watches with a great attention to details. Diamond, gold, and sophisticated stainless-steel timepieces of the brand are popular worldwide. The distinguishing feature of the company is the Art Deco style used in the majority of its products. Together with high-quality materials, this design impresses every person who is an expert in watch manufacturing. In 2006, the company was sold to the famous Gucci Group. However, Bedat & Co watches are still produced by a Swiss firm with an excellent reputation that employs watchmen and designers from all over the world. In fact, there is the slightest influence of the Gucci company on the initial look and assemblage of these unique and elegant timepieces. One can distinguish Bedat & Co products by the crown that is put onto the frame. Such a little but elegant detail adds some inexplicable charm to the overall design of brand’s marvelous timepieces. Even Bedat & Co pre-owned watches are extremely popular among fashionable and stylish ladies who wish to highlight their beauty and taste with the help of luxury and high-end accessories. Another smart thing that helps the brand to stay famous and popular all over the world is that every collection of the famous house is called simply by numbers. For instance, there are collections No. 1, No. 2, etc. Thus, customers remember the names of product lines better. The collection No. 3, for example, is still the best-seller among female customers from different countries. It was launched back in 1997 and still attracts attention of watch connoisseurs. In fact, this collection can be called the best one launched by the famous company. Each product line has its own distinguishing features and tricks attracting stylish women from different countries. Choose the one that fits your requirements here and enjoy its easily identifiable design. Bedat & Co watches are perfect for stylish people who know the value of precious accessories.

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