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Benrus is one of the most famous brands in the USA, which boasts long-term reliability and outstanding quality of its products. The history of the company started in the 20s in New-York - the business center of the country. Oscar, Benjamin, and Ralph Lazrus established their own watchmaking company and managed to create one of the most influential brands in the world. The name of the company refers to first three letters of the name Benjamin and last three letters of his surname Lazrus. The Lazrus brothers decided to start the company in an inopportune time for the watch manufacturing industry as the crisis hit all firms producing timepieces at that period. However, it wasn't a barrier for the company to become one of the most successful firms of their times. The quality of their products was so high that other manufacturers found it challenging to compete with Benrus in producing creative and unique accessories. The oldest brother, Oscar Lazrus, was in charge of financial issues of the company together with management and advertising. Moreover, he was very good in business, so the family firm wasn’t in danger of bankruptcy due to his unique talents of an experienced entrepreneur. Benjamin Lazrus was the second brother; his responsibility was to keep his eye on all issues connected with watch manufacturing. The youngest of them, Ralph Lazrus, was born to be a salesman. He was in charge for increasing the revenues and expanding to markets of other developed countries. Despite the fact that the head office of the company was situated in New York, most of the brand’s wrist watches was produced in Switzerland. It is important to mention that the chief of the major Swiss company was a woman. She was the first female boss of the large watchmaking factory in Switzerland. During the World War II, the company was prospering from the deal with the government of the United States. Benrus was a supplier of different top-secret gadgets for the army. However, the company didn’t stop producing products for civilians. Thus, the brand was able to maintain and improve manufacturing of luxury and elite timepieces with the recognizable design and complicated assembly. The company had a great impact on the entire watchmaking industry, as it created many outstanding inventions and technologies that are still used in the modern timepieces’ production. For example, Benrus was the first brand that manufactured completely waterproof watches. Therefore, collectors and connoisseurs of the world strive to get vintage and pre-owned watches of this great brand. Nowadays, many of the company’s models such as “Citation,” “Embraceable,” and others are highly popular among the discerning clients from different countries. There is nothing surprising in it, as the brand is famous for its outstanding quality. When buying excellent horological devices of the brand, you make an investment into the present and future and provide yourself with a timeless masterpiece of the modern Haute Horlogerie. So, if you want to possess a real treasure, buy Benrus watches!

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