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The story of this greatest brand began when a young and ambitious Remo Bertolucci married a pretty Swiss woman. By good fortune, the love of Remo’s life was a daughter of Swiss watchmakers. It is not surprising that Remo Bertolucci got obsessed with this business and manufacturing. In 1987, the famous brand was launched and presented the first product line called Pulchra, which is translated from Italian as “beautiful.” As soon as this new and unique collection was introduced to the wider public, it achieved incredible success due to the magnificent and sensuous Italian design and high-end Swiss quality. Bertolucci is the combination of Italian creativeness and a Swiss sense of good taste in accessories. Delicacy and elegance became initial traits of the brand’s products, which attracted the attention of the most demanding clients. Bertolucci found inspiration in the memories about his happy childhood and beautiful beaches of Italy. That is why, one can find a clear image of waves and water surface reflected in the works of the famous watchman. Straps, dials, and cases of Bertolucci's wrist watches feature the images of waves, flowers, and trees. Many modern designers call this style “Mediterranean.” In 1999, the famous and skillful watchman got into a car accident. It was the crucial moment in the history of the brand, as the owner had to sell his successful business. After it, the well-known brand lost its ground. However, in 2005, the Dixon company decided to resurrect the famous brand. Due to the company's great marketing experience and financial resources, the Bertolucci brand managed to come back to the market of luxury watches and win the hearts of demanding connoisseurs from different parts of the world. Its head office is currently situated in Genève and is headed by the most experienced specialists in this business. Despite the fact that the brand was sold several times, it didn’t lose its superb quality and luxury styling. Today, famous and prestigious watches of the Bertolucci house are still highly popular and available in many countries. Given the fact that some collections and models were launched limitedly, many connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world buy used watches of the famous brand. Besides, one can find timepieces at discounted prices. Only imagine how wonderful it is to obtain prestigious and elegant Bertolucci watches at an affordable price! Nowadays, this outstanding brand offers great collections of different luxury and elite timepieces that can drive crazy the most demanding clients and connoisseurs of the watchmaking art. Take, for instance, the Bertolucci “Distinctions” collection. It presents modern, romantic, and elegant watches for men and women. Seductive “Volta,” strict but sensuous “Vogila,” and powerful and dark “Forza” will certainly attract attention of any stylish person who wants to highlight his or her aristocratic taste. These are only few of masterpieces made by the Bertolucci brand. Refined lines and an incredible design don’t leave you indifferent to these masterpieces of the contemporary watchmaking art. Choose the one for you and feel how charming and comfortable these watches are.

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