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This watch manufacturing company was founded by the local watchman Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in 1735 in a small village called Villeret. Years went by, and the small workshop developed into a big, successful factory. This quick and incredible rise of the Blancpain manufacturing was mostly due to the high-end quality of produced watches and chronographs. The famous brand was especially proud of its complicated, technologically advanced mechanisms making its watches extremely durable and accurate. Each watch could include more than 145 details working as an exceptional mechanism. Despite the fact that Blancpain always manufactured many watches annually (about 10,000), these unique timepieces have always been presented in only thirty copies that cost a lot of money. Members of the Blancpain family headed the company during almost two centuries, but their management ended in 1923 because the only daughter of Frederic - Emile Blancpain didn’t want to continue her father’s business. Thus, the company was sold to two ex-staff members of the Blancpain company - Betty Fiechter and Andre Leal. After this, the problem of rebranding arose, and new directors of this great watchmaking firm decided to call it “Rayville S.A., succ. de Blancpain”. It was the only change that affected the marvelous firm. The traditions and standards of elegant, prestigious timepieces of the world-famous company remained the same. By the end of 1950, the Blancpain brand produced about 100,000 timepieces a year, showing large progress in comparison to the past. To cope with the growing demand, the firm became the part of the Swiss company called SSIH. Already in 1971, the manufacturing of elite and high-end watches reached its peak, as the company produced 220,000 watches every year. The hardest time for the company was in the1970s-1980s during the so-called quartz crisis. Despite its experience and a large client base, the company that operated successfully for almost three hundred years was on the verge of the oblivion. However, even in those bad days, pre-owned luxury watches of the famous brand were a treasure for collectors. Since the time this brand was founded, it has developed many new technologies that have been applied in the watch manufacturing up to the present days. For example, in 1988, the company launched the smallest wrist watch on the planet. The next prodigy of Blancpain watchmen is Tourbillon, a perpetual calendar model of timepieces. This product doesn’t need any time adjustment, as it is made automatically. There are many other masterpieces made by the famous and prestigious watchmaking house Blancpain, and no contemporary technology can yet compete with unique and great timepieces of the “1735” collection, which can definitely be called masterpieces of Haute Horlogerie. The brand is always ready to surprise the most demanding customers with different novelties and innovations made by the talented watchmen. If you belong to people who prefer to wear only the best accessories of high-end quality, Blancpain watches will meet all your requirements and won’t leave you indifferent.

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