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Everybody knows that most elegant and prestigious accessories for men are luxury, expensive, and elite watches showing their masculine power and elegance in the best way. Besides, a watch has always been a significant detail in the overall look of a successful and influential person. That is why, the Bugatti company specializing in the production of expensive and fancy sports cars decided to launch their own timepieces. Together with watches, the famous brand produces clothing collections, perfumes, and fashion accessories. The honorable and old company that has conquered the world with its unique and elite cars and airplanes since the World War I is now the biggest supplier of luxury items for men. “The Bugatti style man” was born in 1970 when Ettore Bugatti launched his first clothing collection. This genius man chose the right direction of the company’s development and combined the favorite men’s toy - cars with elements of the stylish look. Since 2001, Bugatti has cooperated with the famous Swiss brand of watches Parmigiani. As a result of this collaboration, the brand produced the unique and marvelous collection of timepieces called Bugatti type 370. Bugatti watches from this line are created in the amount of only 50 timepieces annually, and they are distinguished by their tube-shaped bodies and an unusual location of dials. Parmigiani and Bugatti became leaders in watch manufacturing from the very beginning of their collaboration. High-end quality of products and the unique assembly of mechanisms became the visiting card of Bugatti luxury watches. To speak about exuberant nature of Bugatti type 370 watches, we can highlight a great variety of forms in which the famous brand produces these unique and luxurious timepieces. Wrist watches, kettles, and adjustable timepieces are three main types of products made in collaboration with Parmigiani. Every watch connoisseur is fascinated with their daring design and sophisticated mechanisms. These timepieces are made of gold and platinum and have an excellent engraving. When creating these unique and marvelous watches, craftsmen of the famous brand took into consideration four main aims. First, they tried to copy the appearance of Bugatti cars, especially the style of their interior. Second, they wanted to create a watch that could be easily transformed and adjusted to each owner’s needs. Third, Bugatti’s craftsmen wished their timepieces to be transformed easily into pocket watches by adjusting a strap or a chain in one movement. Finally, talented watchmakers managed to create a watch that can be turned into table clocks. These transformations will fulfill the requirements of every person who prefers to spend money on necessary and useful things and accessories. In fact, this model is a real treasure for a shrewd businessman wanting to highlight his influential status with only one detail. Together with men’s accessories, Bugatti manufactures women's watches and luxury jewelry of the outstanding design and quality. By all means, the famous brand Bugatti remains the leader among watch manufacturing companies due to its high-end timepieces and genius craftsmanship. Moreover, even used luxury watches of the famous brand are highly popular among numerous connoisseurs of the watchmaking art and people in love with fine cars of the top-quality.

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