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In 1875, an immigrant from Bohemia opened a jewelry shop in New-York. This genius man was Jose Bulova, a skillful watchmaker creating masterpieces. This 23-year-old young man definitely knew the secret of the successful business. A person can lead his or her company to the worldwide popularity only if he or she offers best products at reasonable prices. Bulova applied this principle to his developing business, making his brand highly popular among the social elite and business people in the United States and other countries. The watchmaker managed to identify the latest tendencies of his times and started manufacturing pocket watches and clocks in cooperation with Swiss watchmen. In 1911, the company launched the first collection of table and wall-mounted clocks that were sold out almost immediately. By the way, these wall-mounted and longcase clocks as well as used luxury watches of the famous brand are still highly popular among buyers from different countries. Jose Bulova became a successful American businessman foxing his dream of the prosperous future and leading his company according to all rules of this sphere. Soon, the first men’s Bulova watches were presented in the years of World War I. It was the debut of the brand in wristwatch manufacturing that was crowned with success. As soon as Bulova introduced these marvelous, deluxe timepieces of high-end quality to the world, people from different countries fell in love with products of the Bulova luxury brand. Jose Bulova spent a lot of money advertising his products, and it was the main reason of his brand’s popularity in the conservative world of elite timepieces. Now it is the most famous American watchmaking company across the globe. It still competes with the most popular companies producing timepieces for noble and elegant individuals. In fact, the secret of the company’s successful operation is rather simple, as all that the genius founder did was the standardization of mechanisms and details to the assemblage. This step was a crucial action towards a cheaper production of Bulova goods. Besides, it was the revolution in the watch repairing sphere as well. In order to improve watch manufacturing, the Bulova company donated millions of dollars to research and experiments allowing to develop new technologies and approaches in this difficult sphere. In 1928, the firm introduced the first radio watches in the world, and already in 1929, it presented first electric clocks. When the company was officially registered as the Bulova Watch Company Inc. in 1923, it was able to scale up the production of high-quality clocks, wrist watches, and alarms for the broad public’s use. However, the company didn’t forget to develop and utilize new technologies in watch assembly, which allowed creating perfect mechanisms. Years passed by, and the skills of the company’s’ watchmen have increased enormously so that now the brand can be proud of the greatest collection of deluxe watches. For example, the Accutron model of elite timepieces is the icon of the modern, expensive wrist watches and the real breakthrough in this sphere!

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