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Carrera y Carrera

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When the young but genius man named Spaniard Saturio Esteban Carrera moved to Madrid with the dream to produce jewelry of the high-quality, he didn’t know what his passion can bring him in future. In 1885, he opened a small shop in the famous quarter Barrio de Las Letras. This little workshop turned into one of the most popular and leading companies producing elite accessories and watches. Now Carrera y Carrera products are at the forefront of the Spanish jewelry art. As time went by, the business of the famous goldsmith developed successfully to eventually become Carrera’s family asset. Sons and grandsons of Esteban Carrera followed the traditions of the founder making his products more beautiful and unique. The innovative and original style of the brand is its visiting card, which is carried through the years and perfected by the followers of the Carrera’s heritage. The first collection of ladies’ watches was launched in 2003, conquering hearts of stylish women at first sight. These models exposed the essence of female grace and at the same time reflected elegant strictness and durability. The straps made of genuine leather highlighted the beauty of the accessory and the talent of Carrera y Carrera’s watch masters. Buy the first masterpiece of the Carrera y Carrera brand and enjoy the perfection no matter whether your timepieces are pre-owned luxury watches or the new ones; they will look stylish at any time due to the craftsmanship of designers and watchmen of the popular company. Watches made by Carrera’s designers are true masterpieces. These accessories boast the look of the most precious pieces of jewelry and the exceptional quality of the best Swiss watches. Brand’s craftsmen know how to make a soulless stone or material alive. Hands of Carrera y Carrera’s masters create magic when working with the incrustation or engraving. The team of expert watchmen and jewelers is the guarantee of the high-quality of every brand’s product, as these people are faithfully devoted to the watchmaking sphere. From the very moment of the brand’s foundation till our days, Carrera’s products are easily recognizable. The company produces massive jewelry and accessories with some distinctive images reflecting the beauty of animals and plants, as well as the harmony of a woman’s body. These elements are the distinguishing features of every Carrera’s masterpiece of the past and present. Skillful work and attention to details keep the famous brand at the forefront of the watchmaking industry. For more than 120 years of existence, the most famous Spanish jewelry house became the beloved brand of the aristocratic clients and successful people from different countries. Members of the Spanish Royal family, the Queen of Belgium, and many Hollywood stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Meryl Streep are among dedicated clients of the Carrera y Carrera brand. The perfect combination of old traditions and latest watch tendencies is the key to many legendary collections of watches and jewelry made by the marvelous house; so, if you want to stand out from the crowd, buy Carrera y Carrera watches here!

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