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Cedric Johner

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A young man called Cedric Johner was the founder of the famous brand of luxury and prestigious watches. He had already worked in the biggest Swiss companies for ten years when he realized his ambition to produce his own timepieces that will be incomparable with anything else. With these thoughts in mind, the great jeweler started his watch manufacturing in Vandoeuvres. The brand became famous for its unordinary form of watches. Cedric Johner found this “visiting card” of his company only in 1996. It was a hexagon with turned over facets and border sets. It was a unique combination of the polygon and sphere in the Euclidean geometry, and such a figure had no name yet. That is why, Johner had to take out a patent on it and called it “Abyss.” From that very moment, “Abyss” became the central feature of Cedric Johner watches’ entire design. It makes his timepieces alive and easily recognizable so that every stylish person will want to buy them. Without knowing it, the master brought to life the main principle of the most mysterious styles of the XX century – modernism. It was the beginning of the new era in the watch manufacturing sphere, as watchmakers invented the new and interesting concepts of timepieces of the future. Many connoisseurs of such noble accessories as Cedric Johner timepieces are attracted by every detail and unique design of these masterpieces. Cedric Johner is a real modernist, so he pays his attention to the selection of materials for producing high-end watches that are worth to be on your wrist. In fact, every masterpiece of the famous watchman consists of little details that bring some mysterious dynamism to their look. Curved numbers charm with their extraordinary location and font. From the first sight, one can think that numbers try to escape from a dial, but a beautiful and elegant case doesn’t allow them to do it. It seems that the famous master wants to collect every breakthrough of the past in his new models of luxurious and elegant watches. The exhibition that was held in Basel in 1997 brought him the international reputation. However, the real sensation occurred in 2001 when this genius watchman created five masterpieces of the modern watchmaking industry such as Tourbillon bleu en Platine, ladies’ watch Monopulsunt, Chronographe roue à colonnes, Repetition Minutes Abyss, and the Caliber № 10 timepieces for only one year. Today, used luxury watches from these collections are highly appreciated by men and women from different countries who strive to possess these masterpieces of the best watchmaking craftsmanship. The brand boosted its solid reliability many years ago, but it continues to find some inspiration and new techniques to create unique and incomparable watches. For this reason, the famous company actively cooperates with customers and relies on their opinions and desires when creating new models. If you belong to those who can’t imagine the world without complicated and marvelous details that seem to be alive and have a soul, you should try on Cedric Johner watches!

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