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Charriol brand is famous for its ability to combine art and technologies when creating its great and beautiful watches. Watchmen of the company know everything about the top-class quality of Swiss timepieces. To produce luxurious and beautiful watches, best masters and designers work day and night over the products to make them impeccable. This is the method of the genius founder of the brand – Phillipe Charriol. This French man decided to start his watchmaking business in Hong Kong in 1983. For less than six years, his brand became highly popular among connoisseurs from different countries who were charmed by the holistic quality and style of Charriol timepieces. For twenty years already, this eminent brand has been producing luxurious accessories and timepieces of the high quality in order to provide its clients with stylish details adding charming notes to their appearance. Incomparable talent of company’s craftsmen and a professional approach to running the watchmaking business are major components of the famous firm allowing it to move forward to the pinnacles of success. The brand became famous due to the efforts of its founder who decided to produce only extravagant and progressive timepieces for wealthy people with a great sense of taste. Using the original geometry of cases and elements of dials, Phillipe Charriol created the unrivaled classics of the XX century. Phillipe Charriol is a person who prefers to do everything by himself and achieve the glory and fame due to his own talent. He continues to surprise the society with his unique and new ideas of fine watches’ design and assemblage. During the International Watch Exhibition that was held in Genève, Charriol arranged a great masquerade in an old gothic castle, which was the best marketing approach ever. This maneuver was quite beneficial for the brand that started to gain its popularity right after the event. Nowadays, this great company has many watch collections and product lines that are sold out quickly in different countries due to their high-end quality and a unique design. The 2012 collection represents the combination of inspiring ideas, classic traditions, and sophisticated technical devices and novelties integrated into the company’s wrist watches. The distinctive feature of the brand is the originally broken twill – a strap made from metal wire. Besides, the famous firm launched more collections that can boast beautiful decoration and skillfully-made mechanisms. It is not surprising that the company produces many exceptional products because the owner is an all-round person who generates crazy and genius ideas day by day. That is why, collectors from different corners of our planet search for some pre-owned Charriol watches to add these masterpieces of the contemporary watchmaking industry to their collections. Today, this famous brand has numerous stores in different cities of the world like Dubai, Hong Kong, and New-York. This popularity of the company is justified, as the brand manufactures wonderful Swiss timepieces and jewelry for men and women together with perfume and exclusive accessories. So, if you strive to find a timepiece that will meet all your requirements and combine the high-end quality and original design, you’d better buy Charriol watches and enjoy your stylish look to the full!

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