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This famous luxury company producing watches of the high-quality was founded in 1860 by the talented watchmaker Ulysse Chopard. This genius entrepreneur and master of the timepieces’ art was focused on conquering new horizons of the fashion industry. For this reason, he traveled to Russia in 1912 to become the supplier of the royal family and Russian aristocracy. Due to this adventure, the famous watchmaker got many orders and provided his business with constant clients of the high rank. Gradually, Ulysse Chopard's business became prosperous, and in 1920, he decided to move to the little house in Genève. His reputation and success followed him, and he became the supplier of the Swiss railroad that was famous for its punctuality. His sons, on the contrary, weren’t interested in the watchmaking industry. That is why, the famous brand was eventually sold to Karl Scheufele. He was a devoted and skillful person, striving to lead the company to the pinnacles of success. Besides, he was the owner of a German watchmaking company Eszeha Watches and knew everything about this business. He followed the traditions of the famous brand and produced high-end Chopard watches and jewelry that became the standard of luxury accessories of all times. Today, this sophisticated brand produces elegant and prestigious watches made of precious gems and metals like gold and platinum. The brand currently belongs to the Fleurier Quality Foundation including many different famous trademarks such as Bovet and Vaucher. The company has launched many great collections of luxury timepieces attracting the attention of celebrities, politicians, business people, and all those valuing high quality and taste. For example, the L.U.C. collection that was named after the great founder of the brand Ulysse Chopard contains only best watches exposing the Swiss craftsmanship. They are made by the Fleurier manufacturing of only thoroughly selected materials like stainless steel, pink gold, and diamonds. Another great watch model launched in 1976 is called Happy Diamonds. The distinctive feature of these timepieces is that they are decorated with marvelous diamonds and sapphires that seem to be floating around each other in a beautiful and charming dance. Notably, Chopard watchmen found the accurate and attractive name for this collection that reflects its eternal beauty. Then, several years ago, the world was astonished by the spectacular L.U.C. Quattro model of wrist watches with four barrels and power reserve. So, the beginning of the new age was marked by the appearance of the unique and outstanding L.U.C. collection designed in the best traditions of the famous brand. Those interested in luxury accessories can find the unique and beautiful watches of this famous brand in 90 different countries. Notably, both new and used watches of the brand are highly-popular due to their precision and timeless beauty. Many collectors wish to get one or another Chopard masterpiece to add the pearl of the modern watchmaking industry to their assemblage of timepieces from all over the world. Don’t wait any minute longer, as you need to feel and see how stylish and elegant you will be wearing the famous timepieces made by this out-of-the-ordinary watchmaking company. Chopard products will highlight your status and taste in the best way!

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