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Christophe Claret

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Christophe Claret products are highly appreciated among connoisseurs of the watchmaking art. Designers of these watches are inspired by aviation, music, and progress and create products that are truly astonishing. Christophe Claret watches are high-end, elegant, and eccentric timepieces that were made by the best specialists in this sphere. The famous brand owns its popularity to its founder Christophe Claret. He has been an extraordinary person from the very childhood and discovered the world of the watchmaking industry while visiting a workshop of a local watchman in Lyon. Despite his intelligence and social status, he was a shy boy striving to acquire some knowledge about timepieces’ manufacturing. Due to his attention to details, technological savvy, dedication, and taste, the man managed to become an expert and a legend among craftsmen. After graduating from Geneva Watchmaking School in 1987, Claret opened his first horology workshop with pre-owned equipment that he bought in his native city. The man decided to restore antique models and pre-owned luxury watches of famous brands in his family home, and he didn’t know what success waited for him in this sphere. However, one needs to admit that repairing gave Christophe unique experience and skills that he later used to create his own timepieces. He collected many interesting ideas and was finally ready to start producing his own luxury watches. When Claret was twenty-five years old, he got a big order for 20-minute repeater movements by Rolf Schnyder – a Swiss businessman possessing Ulysse Nardin brand. This event can be considered the beginning of the legendary Claret Manufacture. Very soon, the company became a leader in the watchmaking industry. All Christophe Claret products have been made with his signature that is still the distinguishing feature of his perfect timepieces. The beginning of the 21st century was significant for the brand because it expanded its production enormously, and about a hundred of new, highly qualified experts and designers began working on masterpieces at the Christophe Claret manufacturing. It was a great step in the history of the company that allowed it to compete in the luxury goods market and maintain the high quality of its products. In 2009, the brand’s timepieces were presented to the wider public. This was the year of launching the Dual Tow collection dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the famous company. Today, luxury and exotic watches made by Christophe Claret are popular among connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world. This brand is included in the list of the most honorable Haute Horlogerie companies that manufacture exclusive and prestigious timepieces for elegant and stylish people of the high rank. Male customers will certainly appreciate the combination of high design and manliness characteristic for men’s watches, while women will admire sophisticated features and bright colors of ladies’ collections. If you want to highlight your taste and status with some elegant accessory, a beautiful and luxury Christophe Claret watch is what you need! Claret watches have already achieved cult status, so buying one of them is an investment for the present and the future.

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