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In 1918, the watchmaking company called Citizen began manufacturing high-end timepieces for men and women. When Yamalaki, a jeweler from Japan decided to try himself in this business sphere, he couldn’t even imagine that his brand will become the leader of timepieces production and will cover over 20% of the contemporary market with its elegant and excellent products. Interestingly, this outstanding man founded the Research Institute of Horology and provided himself with a constant flow of new technologies and novelties allowing to design new and unique watches for different groups of clients. Despite the huge success, the company was officially registered only in 1930, although the first pocket Swiss watch of the brand was introduced in 1924, six years earlier. First timepieces of the famous Citizen brand were launched in 1931. These products were quartz movement watches with an error of 3 seconds every year. However, the quality and affordability of these timepieces made them number one among top-choice products of the watchmaking industry of those days. Later, the ground-breaking technology was invented, which allowed watches with quartz movement to be powered by solar energy. After the World War II, four watch manufacturers operated in Japan. The Citizen brand controlled over 80% of the market with a well-known brand Hattori & Company (Seiko). At the same time, the demand for high-end watches was low in the world that experienced the most horrifying conflict ever. However, the brand continued to launch new collections of elegant and affordable wrist watches that were highly appreciated by the demanding clientele. By 1965, the company opened its subsidiary in Germany. It was the starting point of the global export of Citizen watches to the European market. In 1996, the Japanese manufacturer introduced first digital wrist watches called “X – 8” that became a sensation among numerous watch connoisseurs. In addition to many novelties in the watchmaking sphere, the brand is also famous for its sports timepieces utilizing the latest inventions and upgrades. Today, the brand is popular among those who do sports for fun as well as those who play at a professional level. For example, Citizen produces waterproof watches equipped with the depth sensor for divers. Besides, the thinnest timepieces in the world have been created by the Citizen company, and they are considered masterpieces of the contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship. By the beginning of 1980, the honourable brand was the second in the world to manufacture timepieces for men and women. The firm was able to get this position due to the production of cheap digital and quartz wrist watches. However, the company didn’t stop producing timepieces for middle-class people and athletes as well. Clients can find watches that will fulfill their requirements, as the company introduces the great range of products to suit diverse needs and expectations. If you prefer luxurious watches with sophisticated mechanisms and are not afraid to spend much money on them, you can obtain elegant timepieces made of gold or precious gems. You can also buy simple and high-quality chronographs or new and used watches of the company.

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