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Founded in Biel, Switzerland, the Concord watchmaking firm became number one among the U.S. manufacturers. The beginning of the XX century was very successful for the brand that found its customers in a foreign country and gained in popularity quite quickly there. Not every firm exporting timepieces of the high-end quality to another country can boast such fame and luck. However, due to the unique and serious approach of the designers and watchmen of the company, the resulting products are marvelous, attracting customers with their svelte profiles and, at the same time, excellent mechanisms and assemblage. First luxurious Concord watches that were made specifically for the social elite started to appear in different shops and boutiques of the world in far 1915. By combining innovative technologies and a fabulous design with precious gems and metals, the company began to conquer the sphere of one-of-a-kind, prestigious, and expensive watch manufacturing. During its glorious history, the brand managed to create a great number of different elegant collections. However, one model of Concord fine watches left its mark in the history of not only this famous brand but also the entire Haute Horlogerie. It was the “Delirium I” that turned the watch world upside down. This unique timepiece was the masterpiece of the watchmaking craftsmanship. This 1.98-mm watch combined the elegant design and innovative technologies with a svelte profile. This thinnest timepiece on the planet showed the world how exquisite and unique watches can be and set the bar high for its competitors. Thus, the famous brand confirmed the status of one of the greatest manufacturers and proved the credentials of the Swiss watch industry. This model set a trend for flat and technologically advanced wrist watches both for men and women. In this way, watch manufacturers had to keep up with the Concord company that didn’t stop to produce high-end watches and chronographs deserving to be called masterpieces of the watchmaking art. Nowadays, people buy new or pre-owned Concord watches to wear only best products of the contemporary timepieces’ manufacturing. There is nothing surprising in it, as this unique brand continues to launch a lot of novelties worth to be considered the best ones in the industry. For this moment, the most popular Concord watches are Mariner 2000, Impresario Lady, and Saratoga Lady Petals. These models can’t be compared with anything else, and they certainly leave behind all previous collections of the brand. For example, men’s timepieces Mariner 2000 are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature an impressive black dial. You can wear these elegant men’s timepieces for different occasions. No matter whether it is a sports event or a formal party, these extravagant timepieces sitting perfectly on your wrist will only highlight your great taste and style. An active and confident man will definitely appreciate this accessory, as it fits any outfit and can be taken everywhere. Moreover, this model is a water resistant horological device allowing to dive down to 200 meters. Besides, the crystal dial is very convenient to learn the time even in the darkness. The Concord brand provides modern watch enthusiasts with products that will be in trend for many years. Buy Concord timepieces and wear these masterpieces wherever you want.

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