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The Corum company has contributed many great ideas and technologies to the sphere of modern watchmaking. By producing high-end watches with uncompromising quality and excellent technical characteristics, this eminent brand earned the appreciation of customers and connoisseurs from all over the world. Year after year, this famous brand enriches its collections with finely decorated masterpieces that are iconic for many other manufacturers in the sphere. So, what is the history of the famous brand producing luxurious horological devices that conquered the hearts of stylish people from different countries? The history of the Corum company began in the small Swiss town called La Chaux-de-Fonds. This city situated in the mountains is the residence and cradle of many famous manufacturers of the past and present. For example, a well-known car maker Louis Chevrolet was born in this city, as well as Le Corbusier and many other genius people. So, Gaston Ries and Renee Bannwart decided to start their own watchmaking business in this glorious city in hope for successful future. In 1955, the Corum brand was officially registered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and one year later, the first products were launched. The worldwide fame came to the popular brand after launching a luxurious and unique watch that was made of a $20 US gold coin. However, the benchmark of the company is the “Admiral’s Cup” collection that was introduced to the wider public already in 1960. It contained both men’s and women’s models made of precious gems and metals. Today, people can obtain Admiral’s Cup watches made of rose and yellow gold, titanium, and stainless steel. Corum watches production was sold to China Haidian Holdings Limited groups “Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Ltd.” in 2013, and its head office is currently located in China. When utilizing the latest technologies, the famous brand tries to fulfill requirements of every connoisseur of the watchmaking art. This tendency can be traced up to 1958 when “Chinese Hat” watches were produced for the public use. This model became the sensation of those times due to its pyramid-shaped body made of high-quality gold. Another interesting timepiece that every collector would like to have in his or her collection is the “Coin Watch.” It was a breakthrough in the watchmaking industry, as the timepiece had an ultra-thin movement mechanism that was set in an authentic American twenty dollar gold coin. Many interesting and outstanding people wore this masterpiece on their wrists showing their respect for the astonishing craftsmanship of Corum’s masters. U.S. Presidents and famous individuals like scientists and Nobel laureates were clients of this unique and honorable brand. Today, one can find Corum pre-owned watches of this model in private collections or offered for sale at a very high price. An increasing number of customers prefer to buy Corum products instead of any other watches made by competitors. Customers are aware of the great quality of Corum timepieces that are distinguished by their perfect functionality and robustness. The prominent watchmaking company stays faithful to its traditions and offers new and amazing collections of luxury watches every year. Its designers and watchmakers do their best to highlight your status and personality.

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