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John C. Ermel decided to start manufacturing watches that will shake the conservative world of expensive timepieces. This genius man was a talented craftsman who decided to direct his talents at establishing his own company that could compete with the most famous watch brands. The watchman was rather dissatisfied with the traditional scale that consists of twelve hours, as it is impossible to know what time of the day or night it is by simply looking at them. So, Ermel started working on creating unique and technically advanced timepieces that will have different time scales. At last, he found that he aim could be achieved by applying a special hour hand that is radially adjustable. As a result, he invented a wonderful, strikingly simple yet exceptional mechanism controlling the movement of the hands that became the foundation of his products. New horological devices made by Ermel were based on the so-called Pascal spiral introducing a 24-hour scale on dials of these amazing wrist watches. After ten years of developing the specific mechanism that will control both hands, the founder of the brand patented this invention in 1999. It was the real miracle of the watchmaking industry of the late 90s, and today, it is still one-of-a-kind technology surprising many watch manufacturers of the world. The company launched two collections of sports and classic Cyclos watches in 2003. They were called sporty and classical “a.m./p.m.” The sporty watch from this line was made of stainless steel with dial separated by red and blue lines that indicate day and time. The strap of this masterpiece of contemporary Haute Horlogerie is made of calfskin. These bright and elegant timepieces will fulfill the requirements of people who prefer the active lifestyle and need to know the accurate time at any moment. The brand presents some classic models that feature such pricey materials for their cases as yellow and red gold. At the same time, dials are separated by two lines. The first one that is made of gold shows the daytime; the second one is used to indicate the night. The last line is made of silver or white gold to highlight the difference better. Besides, it gives a charming effect to the overall look of Cyclos timepieces. You can find the watches of the well-known company fulfilling your most demanding requirements. For example, if you are tired from an ordinary calfskin strap, you can always buy a chic one made from extravagant black or stylish brown alligator skin that you will love by all means. You won’t find any similar horological devices in the entire world. That is why, connoisseurs from different countries prefer buying new and pre-owned luxury watches of the successful brand. Nowadays, it is difficult to buy impeccable Cyclos products in boutiques and stores selling elegant and luxurious men’s and women’s wrist watches. The reason for this limited supply is that these masterpieces of the contemporary Haute Horlogerie are very exclusive, and customers may find them in a few jewelry and watch stores. Fortunately, anyone who wants to wear amazing Cyclos timepieces has the great opportunity to order them online. Buy unique and original Cyclos watches here.

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