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What timepieces can incorporate timelessness, amazing design, and impeccable quality? These are Cyma watches aimed at making you confident and impeccable and attracting numerous envious looks. Cyma is a Swiss watchmaking company that was founded in 1862. The little town Tavannes was the starting point for the brand that is currently well-known in many countries of the world. Tavannes is situated seven miles north from Bienne. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the first wrist watches of the popular brand were sold under the name “Tavannese.” Due to the wonderful quality of every product produced by the brand, its watches became the sensation among Swiss watchmakers of those days. By restricting itself to the production of the elite and high-end watches for men and women, the firm’s attention was fully paid to the development of new technologies in the watchmaking sphere that could help get at the forefront of watch manufacturing. The most outstanding breakthroughs of the prestigious brand were an automatic watch and an alarm horological device that was called “Time-o-vox.” These two novelties of the 1940s were visiting cards of the company leading it to the pinnacles of success. However, Cyma declared bankruptcy in 1978. Fortunately for numerous collectors and connoisseurs of the watchmaking art, the brand continues to produce watches made of best materials by the most skillful craftsmen in the sphere. The Guilgot family preserved the legacy of the Cyma brand by purchasing the company and releasing it from debts. Nowadays, the Cyma brand sells about 100,000 of high-end horological devices every year. So, if you prefer to indulge yourself with excellent quartz watches, Cyma products are absolute “must-haves” for you. Besides, their chic design will meet all requirements of the most demanding clients. The brand has a long and interesting story that is full of successful deals and new inventions helping to boost the popularity of the company’s products quickly and effectively. After promoting its watches for more than one and a half centuries, the famous and prestigious watchmaking company has finally achieved enormous results in the watch manufacturing sphere. Their extra slim timepieces got many different awards for the unique design, excellent craftsmanship, and innovative approach to the watch production. Today, one can find the company’s head office in Geneva where numerous manufacturers of the horological devices started their paths to success. Every step that the brand takes is targeted at improving the current manufacturing conditions and, hence, the quality and design of further collections. The watchmen of the famous firm constantly search for perfection and strive to achieve the enlightenment to create masterpieces of the watchmaking art. If you want to add some notes of extravagance and elegance to your look, Cyma products are what you need. These horological devices are more than accessories - these products are sophisticated and complex mechanisms with their own individuality and style. No timepiece is comparable to Cyma new and even used watches, so the first thing you should do is to get one for yourself now. Enjoy the perfection of amazing Cyma’s products.

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