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Davena is an English watchmaking company. From Hebrew, “davena” means an intimate lover and friend. Deng's brothers founded this brand targeted at producing high-end watches and jewelry for both men and women. It has created its impeccable watches for about twenty years and has already gained immense popularity among numerous connoisseurs of the contemporary watchmaking art. In 2011, Deng’s brothers decided to rebrand their firm, which is now called Guangzhou Davena Watch Co., Ltd. Thus, the new and unique brand of luxurious timepieces was launched. Ladies from all over the world are crazy about the unique design of beautiful and luxury Davena watches. The famous brand is focused on producing amazing and charming women’s timepieces fulfilling the requirements of every fashionista. However, the company also produces unique and prestigious horological devices for men. Davena products are affordable despite the high quality and the impeccable design. However, if you prefer luxurious timepieces made of precious gems and metals, you can get some models from the company’s elite collections. Japanese movements, Austrian assemblage, and Italian leather make any Davena watch unique and strikingly beautiful. People who prefer bright colors and unusual design will certainly fall in love with one-of-a-kind products of the brand. No shapes are boring, no color combination is dull, as craftsmen and designers of the famous house do their best to create timepieces of your dreams suiting any events. When wearing amazing Davena watches, you will be in the center of attention. When buying great and beautiful Davena new or used watches, you invest in the present and future. Sophisticated mechanisms with the funny and daring design attract attention of the most demanding clients. Nevertheless, a watch snob may say that the brand’s timepieces are too colorful and pompous. Only after looking closer at these unique masterpieces of contemporary Haute Horlogerie, one can see the great difference between cheap and tasteless watches of a mediocre brand and gorgeous horological devices made by the Davena company. Plenty of stylish and bright models of timepieces make this brand one of the best manufacturers of fine watches with a special character. It is a well-known fact that ladies are quite exacting. That is why, it is hard to satisfy their desires in full. For this reason, the famous brand is mostly centered on women’s watch manufacturing. However, the company also produces men’s timepieces of the high quality at affordable prices, although one needs to note that their number if limited because the company focuses primarily on female customers. If you a woman who doesn’t want to wear the same watch as your friend has, the famous brand can provide you with a great range of different models that will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. If you are a man who searches for a perfect and unique present for your wife, girlfriend, or mother, don’t look any further. Here you can find a great gift. Being encrusted with Swarovski crystals, Davena masterpieces will please you with their extravagant and glittering look and will add some chic notes to your style. Of course, you can’t compare Davena watches with Breitling or Cartier products, but you’ll definitely be astonished by their funny and contemporary design.

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