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DeLaCour is a modern watchmaking brand with an unusual destiny. The company was founded in 2003, but its history goes back to 1989 when three friends - Alfred Terzibachian, Louai Kuzbari, and a famous and successful jewelry designer Pierre Koukjian - started working together. Their collaboration was lengthy but fruitful, and the first collection of watches for sale was launched in 2003 simultaneously with the DeLaCour trade mark. DeLaCour is rightly considered an innovative brand because all its collections are sensational. The first collection titled ‘Bichrorono DeLaCour’ included watches with double chronograph movement, which was an innovation of that time. Moreover, DeLaCour is the first company to produce accessible watches with tourbillons for the broad audience. Later, its collections were enriched with watches that had the time zone and moon phase functions. Nowadays, the most popular collections of this company are Bichrono, Birepetition, The Sagra line, the City, and the Bitourbillon. The company specializes in the production of luxury jewel watches. One of the best Bitourbillon models has 78 jewels. Nevertheless, the company also experiments with different materials: some models of DeLaCour Bichrono collection are known for their unusual design with a wooden case (“The Bichrono Hommage”), a case made of tobacco leaves (“The Bichrono Asphalt”), and a case made of pulverized asphalt (“The Bichrono Fidelidad”). These models have a reputation of eco-friendly composition, and all models of DeLaCour watches are created by hand in accordance with premium Swiss quality standards. Hence, their quality is beyond doubt, and even used DeLaCour watches are very accurate. The philosophy of the company expresses duality: the combination of old traditions of watchmaking industry with innovations, amazing design, and unusual technical solutions. This mix helps the brand to maintain its unchanging popularity in the field over the years. The model range of the brand includes not only various interesting luxury watches for men but also pretty jewel watches for women. For example, one of the most expensive female models “City Medium Splash” has a pink gold case and a full diamond bezel. This elegant model is available in pink, blue, green, and brown colors due to the colors of round sapphires with which a bezel is encrusted. Thin hand-stitched crocodile straps give this model exceptional elegance. Another beautiful timepiece for women is the “City Cadet II Sun & Love” model. It has a perpetual calendar with day and date, a case made of pink gold and stainless steel, while its amazing black dial is encrusted with pretty white diamonds and ruby. One more fancy jeweled model for beautiful ladies is called “Promess Cleopatra”; it is available in two colors: yellow and purple. The dial is decorated with a little snake made of white diamonds. The baguette of the yellow model is made of citrine, while the purple model has a baguette made of amethyst. Certainly, such a glamorous combination of white diamonds with other stones will catch the eye and attract attention to the owner of this timepiece. Therefore, if you prefer a mix of elegance and quality, timepieces by DeLaCour are for you!

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