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The Devon company is known for manufacturing high-quality products. This industrial design house was established in 2008 by an American entrepreneur Scott Devon. The first thing produced by this company was the exclusive Devon GTX supercar. However, the company has shifted its operations to the watchmaking industry now. Besides, Devon Motorworks became the first watchmaker gaining a nomination for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve, held by Switzerland, the acknowledged leader of watchmaking. This nomination made Devon the first American brand having such a great success outside the country. The main peculiarity of all Devon watches is original, cutting-edge design. The unusual designer solution was made by a California aerospace company especially for Devon timepieces. It was named a time belts technique due to the figures applied at small belts as parts of the dial. Real fans of the high-tech style will easily see the true value of such amazing watches and their exquisite appearance. These time belts are used in each model of timepieces by Devon Motorworks. Moreover, all watches by Devon are digital and need charging. Certainly, a Devon watch is a nice accessory for all followers of high-tech style! The model range of this company is represented by four collections now: Tread 1, Tread 2, Star Wars, and Time Belts. As it was said before, all dials are made with the help of belts. This technique makes all timepieces look futuristic. Moreover, all watches by Devon are water-resistant, although not waterproof. All timepieces are powered by lithium rechargeable cells. Such a system moves the belts. Besides, due to the fact that this system is not a mechanical one, all the parts can be replaced easily. Moreover, the manufacturer offers an opportunity to replace the whole motherboard of this watch, instead of looking for one broken part among 500 others. Such an approach makes these timepieces wearproof; therefore, one will hardly differentiate used Devon watches from new ones. Tread 1 is one of the most popular models of the Devon company. Each part of this watch was created by an American aerospace company; therefore, the owner of this model will have a truly fine product. The system of Tread 1 model combines electrical and mechanical components that ensure the timepiece’s highest quality. Moreover, Tread 1 is even bulletproof! Futuristic design achieved with the help of the time belts technique will catch the eye and satisfy people highly appreciating modern technologies. The most luxurious collection of timepieces by Devon is called Star Wars. It was created in collaboration with “LucasFilm Production” to make all fans of the iconic film series happy. The design represents a combination of all black diamond-like carbon coating and stainless steel. The futuristic look of time belts is combined with the main theme of the film series perfectly. Hence, it is a good present for all aficionados of “Star Wars.” Moreover, the majority of Devon watches are unisex products, so both men and women have the opportunity to wear these amazing timepieces.

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