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The history of this well-known Swiss brand starts from 1910 when the trade mark DOXA (the title comes from Greek word “glory”) was registered by the founder of this company George Ducommun. The Doxa brand is famous all over the world due to its watches collections created especially for divers. At that time, creation of good watches capable for different physical overloads was necessary, but no one except for the Doxa company wanted to make watches that could be used in conditions of surplus pressure. Doxa watches became extremely popular because there was no any other company specializing in this field. Although the company was established in Switzerland, the collection of watches for divers became a hit in the United States of America. The first waterproof model of watches made by Doxa was Sub 300T. It had water resistance up to 300 meters, while an improved luxurious edition of this very model – up to 750 meters. Moreover, these watches had the function of pressure measurement. Nowadays, the most in-demand model of the Doxa watches is Doxa Chateau de Monts, an accurate replica of the very first model released by the Doxa brand. Further on, the assortment of this brand was widened with the help of another model with increased water resistance up to 400, 500, 600, and even 1200 meters. Water resistance of all watches is proved with the help of different tests. All of them have automatic movement. Another important achievement of the Doxa brand was the opportunity to integrate the 8-day watch movement invented by George Ducommun in 1908. Certainly, these achievements make the Doxa watches the best choice for those who prefer diving and other kinds of extreme sport. One of the best-known models by Doxa is “Aquaman PVD 650.” This timepiece looks very elegant and exciting in spite of its stainless-steel case. This model is a dream of many connoisseurs of the watchmaking field because even used Doxa watches enjoy great popularity. The Present-day assortment is represented by four collections: “Classic,” “Active,” “Premium,” and “Sub.” Moreover, this company manufactures watches with different types of movements: automatic, mechanical, and quartz, while the majority of other watchmaking companies prefer just one of them. The Doxa company manufactures watches for ladies as well. One of the beautiful samples of watches for ladies is “Calex Anemone” from the“Classic” collection, made in three different colors – white, black, and turquoise. This model has Swiss quartz movement and water resistance up to 50 meters. The mother-of-pearl dial is encrusted with a beautiful anemone flower and closed with a sapphire glass. One of the newest masterpieces by the Doxa brand is called “The Blue Planet.” This amazing model has a 42mm stainless-steel case with a bezel made of 18-carat solid rose gold encrusted with blue gold sand. This timepiece was inspired by our beautiful planet. Certainly, such an exquisite accessory will attract all eyes as well as other models of the “Premium” collection. Timepieces by Doxa possess high-end quality, excellent peculiarities for diving and amazing designer solutions. They are worth paying for!

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