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The Elgin brand, also known as National Watch Company, was founded by the group of American businessmen in 1864, Chicago. This group consisted of the best craftsmen of the watchmaking industry. From the very beginning, this brand manufactured only hand-made timepieces. Moreover, the watchmakers even opened their own observatory to give their creations exact astronomical time. The motto of this brand for that period was: “Sure as the Sun is… the Elgin watch.” The timepieces by this brand became extremely popular during the opulent age of American jazz when even famous musicians mentioned these timepieces in their songs. For example, Robert Johnson, a famous bluesman, put the line “She’s got Elgin movements from her head down to her toes” in his song called “Walkin’ Blues” released in 1936. The second wave of popularity came to the Elgin company during World War II. Its timepieces were very requested by all military institutions of America due to their reliability. Air Forces of the USA used the Vintage Elgin luxury watches, and such models as the Navigational Master Watch GCT and the Hamilton 4992B WW II watches were used by pilots during that period. The Elgin company is also known due to its vintage Elgin pocket timepiece with the case made of 18k filled gold. This pocket watch has 18th size. The dial has big Roman and small arable numerals. Moreover, there is an additional little seconds dial with a small hand. This watch has a hunting case, and the opportunity to add a watch chain. Another nice model by Elgin was a pocket watch with an open face made of 10k filled gold with the 16th dial size. This pretty timepiece also has both numerals – arable and Roman. A nickel finish pendant set and wind is another peculiarity of this model. Such a timepiece also has 17 jewels in its mechanism to eliminate fractions inside. The white and pink dial is decorated with golden and silver markers around its bezel. The type of movement is mechanical, hand-winding. Although the brand acquired its greatest popularity due to different models of pocket watches, Elgin manufactured different wrist timepieces, too. One of the best examples of wrist watches by the Elgin company is the Elgin Galaxy watch. This model is purely female due to its heart-shaped case. The case and bracelet are made of pure 18k yellow gold. The case is encrusted with a great number of small blue gem stones. The dial has arable numerals only. The type of clock mechanism is quartz operating on battery. Nowadays the Elgin brand doesn’t manufacture luxurious watches anymore; however, different used models are still available for sale. The company is now run by the MZ Berger company, which continues old traditions of the Elgin brand and produces one of the most accurate watches all over the world. Fortunately, you can still buy original pre-owned Elgin watches at our site. Various Elgin models in good preservation are available at affordable prices!

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