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F. P. Journe

The history of the F.P. Journe brand is very interesting. It starts from the very birthday of its founder Francois-Paul Journe in Marseille in 1957. The boy was eager to become a craftsman of the watchmaking industry, and his dream came true. He finished Ecole d'Horlogerie de Paris with the diploma of a watchmaker in 1976 at the age of 14. Further on, Francois got his first working experience collaborating with his uncle, Michael Journe. The slogan of the brand “Invenit et Fecit” can be translated into English as “invented and made it.” Certainly, it is the best reflection of the brand’s dedication to high-end quality of its timepieces. F.P. Journe became famous thanks to such inventions as, for example, the resonance chronometer and a gold and silver tourbillon chronometer used in the very first pocket watch manufactured by Francois Journe himself. A complicated skeleton perpetual clock was made by him at the same time. The brand’s popularity emerged at the moment when Francois became a laureate of the well-known Fondation de la Vocation Bleustein-Blanchet. The main modern sets of timepieces by the F.P. Journe brand are: Souveraine, Octa, Linesport, Elegante, Jewelry, Boutique, and the Limited Series. One of the best features of these luxurious timepieces combining elegance and quality is a designer “know-how” – an energy-saving sleeping mode. It is activated when the owner puts his/her watches off the wrist; correct time is adjusted automatically when the watches are on the wrist again. All watches of this brand are made by hands of its founder completely; therefore, Francois assumes full responsibility during the whole warranty period of his watches. For this reason, even pre-owned F.P. Journe watches have the best working features. One of the best samples of luxurious watches is included in the “Jewelry” collection. This timepiece was created especially for demanding ladies preferring elegance and style. Diamonds are girls’ best friends, as everybody knows. Therefore, the central model of this collection - “Octa Divine 36 Joaillerie” - is encrusted with a great number of brilliant-cut diamonds. For instance, a platinum case of this model is decorated with 184 diamonds, the platinum bracelet is partially set with 466 diamonds, while a dial made of white gold and silver is encrusted with 320 diamonds of a brilliant cut. In general, this model has 6.48 carats of diamonds It is a really precious thing! Moreover, technical specifications of this very model are supreme as well. The dial of this timepiece is equipped with different complications such as small seconds at 5 o’clock, a moon phase calendar at 7 o’clock, a large date number at 11:30 o’clock, and power reserve at 9:30 o’clock. The winding system of this timepiece is automatic; it gives the opportunity to reserve power for more than 5 days (over 120 hours). Hence, this watch is very comfortable as well. At the heart of the clock mechanism, the “Brevet-EP” drive patented by Francoise Journe can be found. This unique drive guarantees the best accuracy for years to come.

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