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Fortis Watches The Fortis company is one of the most famous watchmaking brands in the world with a rich history. This brand was founded by Walter Vogt, a watchmaker from Switzerland. This country is considered an acknowledged leader in the watchmaking sphere. The history of the company itself started in 1912 when Walter Vogt lived out his dream of “high quality, modern design and reasonable price.” The first collection of fine watches by Fortis was represented at Basel’s fair and had a real success among customers. A new period in the history of this brand started in 1924 when the founder of the company met a well-known English watchmaker John Harwood. Harwood helped Walter to create a new collection of high-end luxurious watches, which quickly became popular all over the world. Moreover, the Festina brand even produced the Harwood automatic collection of designer watches for men. Luxurious timepieces for men became a brand identity of Fortis. One of the most popular models was the “Rolls” watch with a new movement, which allowed the timepiece to work in any conditions. The “Autorist” model enjoyed great fame and demand as well. The 25th anniversary of the brand was marked with the release of the new “Wandfluh” model. Used Fortis watches of this model are still popular among connoisseurs of timepieces due to their attractive design. The modern assortment of the Fortis brand is divided into four thematic collections – “Cosmonautis,” “Aviatis,” ”Terrestis,” and “Aquatis.” All these collections include the best masterpieces of watchmaking art. Watches for men have increased durability and the “Spacematic Steel” model from the “Cosmonautis” collection is the best example thereof. The very first variant of this model was released in the 1960s with the mark “AR” (“all risks”) and was immediately suggested to the space crew of the American space program “Gemini.” However, the modern modification of this model is also one of the best on the market. It has a 40mm stainless steel case with strong double sapphire glass and anti-reflective coating. This glass has perfect water-resistant features and makes this timepiece waterproof up to 100 meters. The matt-black dial has all-white markers of hours and minutes and white hands with a Superluminova coating. The functions of day and date are also available in this model. A special small window of its perpetual calendar is placed at 3 o’clock. The day-and-date display can be adjusted in one of two different languages - English or German. The movement is automatic, based on the Swiss-made clock mechanism. Another interesting model is “Marinemaster Blue” from the “Aquatis” collection. A 42mm case made of stainless steel is accompanied with sapphire glass with double anti-reflective coating. This timepiece has increased water resistance up to 200 meters and salt water resistance. Moreover, this very model took the 3rd place in “The 15 best diving watches” chart according to the Fratello watches team. Nowadays, the Fortis company is an integral part of Patek Philippe and Titoni Swiss group, which is considered a traditional Swiss watchmaker. This group is a symbol of high-end Swiss quality known all over the world.

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