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Franc Villa

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Francesco Vila, a founder of this beautiful trademark of luxury Swiss watches with high-end quality, was born in Valencia, Spain. Since childhood, this boy dreamed about creation of watch mechanisms, especially complicated ones. Dreams may come true, and this case is not an exception. Francesco became a connoisseur and a collector of fine watches first, and later decided to open his own watchmaking factory. The very first timepiece was created in 2002 by Francesco Villa for himself. However, he dreamed about a watchmaking factory using only the best materials for manufacturing of luxurious watches meeting all strict standards of world-known Swiss watchmaking quality . The first model for sale was created in 2003. This luxurious timepiece had the functions of perpetual calendar and minute repeater, a very complicated mechanism. However, this model enjoyed great popularity among the clients, and now even pre-owned Franc Vila watches of this model are highly appreciated by connoisseurs of timepieces all over the world. Another interesting model made by this brand was released in 2003. This model has an amazing tourbillon chronograph and incrustation with 33 rubies. Moreover, this model is considered super-resistant due to its case made of stainless steel. The philosophy of this brand is based on perfectionism. Therefore, the Franc Vila watchmaking company uses the combination of good-quality mechanisms, high-resistant materials, and magnificent designs. Such a combination made these timepieces a real hit of the watchmaking industry. The most popular Franc Vila collection was a set of good sports timepieces. For example, such model as “Franc Vila Fva15 Column Regulator” is made of very hard titanium, and is powered by automatic movement. These peculiarities made this timepiece very comfortable for different kinds of sports, especially extreme. However, the word “elegance” is not an empty phrase as well for this watchmaking brand. For instance, the “FVa9 Chronographe Master Quantième Automatique” sports model was made of titanium as well with the addition of rose gold, which made the general view of this timepiece very elegant. The model range of the Franc Vila brand is now represented in several collections created for both men and women. Male collections are: “Cobra Chrono,” “Cobra Skeleton,” “Neo-Alta,” “Neo-Alta Chrono,” and “Neo-Alta Grande Date.” All of them include only timepieces of highest quality and increased resistance. All models are waterproof. Moreover, some models are equipped with perpetual calendars, lunar calendars, tourbillons, and other complications. The range of female collections is also very rich and represented in such lines as “Tribute in Colors,” “Tribute to Ladies - Ladies Light,” “Tribute to Ladies - Ladies Parenthesis,” and “Tribute to Ladies - Ladies Full.” Female timepieces boggle the imagination because they were made of such materials as mother-of-pearl, rose gold, silver, precious stones and others. A unique spirit and traditional Swiss quality make this company globally known and popular. Nowadays, the Franc Vila brand is working with VIP’s creating their own special orders for watches. However, some timepieces and Franc Vila used watches are available for purchase for the broad audience. Hence, you can estimate the excellent qualities of these timepieces manufactured with love and care.

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