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Franck Muller

Timepieces by Franck Muller are world-known due to their complexity and accuracy. This company is based in Geneva, in the very heart of watchmaking industry. Its founder, Franck Muller, is one of the most famous watchmakers in the world. He finished the Geneva School of Watchmaking, and knowledge received there helped him to make his own watch manufacture. After a few years of working experience in the industry, he started creating timepieces independently. The very first model of watches made by him was released by the Franck Muller brand in 1983. This watch had a great complexity due to the presence of tourbillon. Moreover, timepieces by the Franck Muller brand are known due to hand-made work. The process of watchmaking is very hard and laborious. For example, making of a watch dial usually takes at least 20 hours because each dial is coated with 20 layers of lacquer with minimal drying time of one hour for each layer. Can you imagine how much time and power this craftsmanship requires? Franck Muller always wanted to create ever more complex mechanisms; therefore, complexity of watches was increased year by year.The next model made by him was another innovation; it was equipped with not only tourbillon but also a jumping hour function. The next one got calendar and minute repeater features, and a tourbillon as well. The most complicated mechanism was released by this very company in 1992. For this mechanism, made in two different variants - “Grande” and “Petite Sonnerie versions,” Franck Muller got a nickname “The Master of Complications,” still topical due to his great ambitions in the field. These models pushed the envelope of the watchmaking industry. They had many interesting peculiarities such as a perpetual calendar up to 2100, a 24-hour lunar calendar, and an indicator showing the actual temperature of a timepiece. Moreover, a tourbillon, one of the most complex mechanisms popular in watchmaking, was also revolutionized by Franck Muller as well. He made the very first tourbillon with three axes instead of classical two ones. This was one of the greatest innovations in the whole history of this craftsmanship. Therefore, connoisseurs of timepieces are hunting for these old models, and even pre-owned Franck Muller watches. The “World Premiere” model created in 1998 became a real hit as well. It had improved power reserve features and a double chronograph. The present-day model range of the Franck Muller brand is divided into four sets: male and female collections, “Grand Complications” including the most popular models of previous years, and a special “New Models” collection. The latest novelties of this brand got a tourbillon case with a special elliptical structure. Moreover, the design of “New Gravity Skeleton” is amazing. A tourbillon mechanism consists of bridges and pillars, reinvented into an elliptical circle. Such an unusual approach gave the timepiece a three-dimensional aspect due to which happy owners of this watch will have the excellent opportunity to see how this dazzling mechanism is working. Certainly, one of the models from this collection is a timepiece of your dream!

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