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The Gallet brand is known all over the world as one of the oldest among existing watchmaking companies. It was founded in 1806 in Switzerland by Julien Gallet. Moreover, this company was the first manufacturer of wrist watches for men and women in the world. The first sample of wrist watch by Gallet was created in 1895. Another important achievement of the Gallet brand is that it created mechanical and quartz movement mechanisms and was producing different details for clock mechanisms of other watchmaking companies. This watch-manufacturing brand is considered a family business because Leon L. Gallet, the son of Julien Gallet, inherited father’s helm and even widened the influence of this company all over the world. The first step to expand the company was the opening of several stores in New York and Chicago to learn the tastes of American customers and capture the American watchmaking market. This step helped to increase Swiss-made watches’ export to the United States of America. Moreover, more than thirty brands of designer watches were launched in the USA under the leadership of Leon L. Gallet. The next step to stabilize the position of Swiss watchmaking industry was collaboration with Asian markets, in particular, with such well-known companies as Seiko, Tamaya & Co., and others. Leon L. Gallet devoted all his to the watchmaking industry. Moreover, after his death, the first International Watchmaking Museum was opened in his hometown. The majority of Gallet watches are considered antiques now. Therefore, pre-owned Gallet watches are highly appreciated by different collectors all over the world, especially the samples of watches manufactured for military use during World War II. These timepieces had high-end quality and were in high demand among soldiers. There were different models created especially for pilots, for example, the “Flight Officer.” The very first variant of this model was manufactured in 1939 and had real success among pilots, sailors, and other military servicemen due to its exceeded resistance. Moreover, even the first variant of this model was equipped with different time zones indicators. This timepiece also had two small sub-dials at 3 and 6 o’clock. The first sub-dial at 3 o’clock was used to show the day of the month, while the second one showed minutes. The case of this model was made of stainless steel. This watch manual winding only. Nowadays, this company specializes in watches manufacturing for different purposes. For instance, one of the novelties of the Gallet brand is the “Heritage Edition” chronograph. This timepiece was created especially for racers. The ergonomic case with a 40mm diameter is comfortable for wearing in different extreme conditions. Moreover, this model has the best scratch-resistant sapphire glass and increased water resistance up to 100 meters (or 10 Atmospheres). Certainly, the Gallet brand is one of the best brands manufacturing timepieces for special conditions. Various materials of the highest quality are used during the process of manufacturing. Moreover, the best Swiss clock mechanisms in the heart of each timepiece made by the Gallet brand guarantee its excellent accuracy and reliability.

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