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The Glycine watchmaking brand was founded in 1914 by Eugene Meylan. The first factory of this company was opened in Bienne, Switzerland. The aim of its founder was to produce watches of high-end quality with the smallest and most accurate clock mechanisms in the world. This aim was achieved in the 1920s when Eugene Meylan represented the first women’s watch with a luxurious design reflected in a small and elegant timepiece decorated with diamonds and amethysts. The Glycine company made another quantum leap in 1931 by presenting the first self-winding timepiece in the world on the Basel fair. This step ushered great popularity for this watchmaking brand. However, World War II became the pivotal moment in its history because the Glycine company didn’t have the opportunity to expand on the world market anymore. Everything changed at the very beginning of the 1950s when Glycine became one of the first brands producing water-resistant timepieces. One of the most popular collections by the Glycine brand, the “Airman,” was created in that very period of time. However, another revolution in the watchmaking industry - creation of the quartz movement and the first quartz watches manufactured by such Japanese brands as Seiko, Citizen, and others - shocked the Glycine company as well. The watchmaker Hans Brechbühler was the person who helped the company to bail out. He bought the brand in 1984 and launched the first collection of quartz luxury watches including such elegant examples as male “Tjalk” resistant to bumps and female “Amaranth” – an ultra-thin model of a timepiece embellished with diamonds. Pre-owned Glycine watches of this very model are still popular among the collectors all over the world. Nowadays, the modern model range by Glycine is represented in 5 collections: “Airman,” “F104,” “KMU48,” “Combat,” and “Incursore.” New models for each of them are presented in professional exhibitions, for instance, the Baselworld. The collection “Incursore” is a unique set of timepieces for men. The main peculiarity of this set is the size of cases. Cases with a 46 mm diameter are considered some of the biggest in the world. Moreover, the best stainless steel is used for their manufacture. For instance, one of the models from this collection has a stainless steel case with three layers of special anti-reflective coating on the sapphire glass, guaranteeing water resistance up to 10 Atmospheres (100 meters). Automatic movement is the key to extreme accuracy of showing time, while the plain and severe design showed in the matt-black dial with silver numerals is used to point out masculinity of the owner. Old and new models from the “Airman” collection are equipped with a second dial having 24 time zones to define time quickly. Moreover, the model “Airman Airfighter” has a PVD-coated solid pink 18K gold ring on the bezel, which makes this model even more luxurious. This timepiece has increased water resistance of up to 20 Atmospheres (200 meters). The automatic chronograph movement of this model is improved with the help of the branded “Glycine Airfighter” decorated rotor. Certainly, one of these models by the Glycine brand will be the best present for brave men.

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