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Guy Ellia

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If you want to buy a luxury watch that is something more than a timekeeping accessory for complimenting your style statement, Guy Ellia watches are perhaps one of the best options you have in your hands. Like premium timepieces of the Guy Ellia collection, the history of this brand is equally interesting and breathtaking. It started with the founder of the brand Guy Ellia. He started his professional career as a jewelry maker and designer and ultimately became a passionate watchmaker. His first premium watch collection was introduced in the market in 1999 and at first instance, the horology experts could sense the uniqueness of his manufactured timepieces. They were not only precious by price, but also special for their timeless appeal. During 2003, Guy Ellia’s collection enjoyed its biggest exposure in international watch market. The brand was recognized for creating watches for fashionable men as well as ladies of classy test, and both ranges were highly praised due to their aesthetic appeal and applied high-end technology. The brand did vast experiments with layout, shape, and unique color effects, and fortunately almost all trials were appreciated as big hits in the contemporary watch market. Guy Ellia’s collection for men was comparatively rare: too complicated technology involvement was perhaps the reason the company could not produce these watches in huge number. For this reason, the collection of Guy Ellia QP luxury watch was produced only in 20 items and they were very high-priced. However, these designer watches were always manufactured with precision details and best possible durability, so they have created a special niche in the history of watchmaking. Even today used Guy Ellia luxury watches for men as well as for women enjoy great demand. Guy Ellia launched the ladies’ watch model named Circle. It was one of the signature models of timepieces by this premium brand. An ultra-flat surface, super-convex face, and glamorous appearance are the prime attractions of this premium watch. Available in three different gold color shades, the watch was built with a big-sized diamond studded on its fixed bezel. Light in weight, the watch comes with a leather band. Its polished rear case and best-quality sapphire crystal protection on the dial have made it a piece of beauty. “Jumbo Heure Universelle luxury-watch” is also one of the notable signature collections from this exclusive brand. Wrist watches of this series were empowered by mechanical movement and displayed some of the most complicated mechanisms like day-night-indicator, big-date, universal-hour, and world-time zone. Leather band, secured clasp, folded-type buckle, and fixed-type bezel are the outstanding features of this Guy Ellia collection. The Eclypse collection is another premium collection from the brand. It was a ladies’ product line and therefore. each of the timepieces was made appropriately for the use of modern women. These are made oval-shaped, and the watches run on a quartz movement that stands for durability and user-friendliness. It was a big hit in the market and experts praised the watch series for its beautiful look and technological superiority. Want to add a used Guy Ellia watch into your asset? Check the latest stock of Midtown Watch and grab the hot deal available in board.

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