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If you have planned to purchase a luxury watch to flaunt in flamboyant modern style, you can opt for an IkePod watch. These elegant Swiss luxury watches are all pure platinum-made and little larger in size; but overall, these watches are a piece of art and masterpieces of technological excellence that you can always cherish on your wrist. The founder of IkePod was a horology expert Mr. Oliver Ike and his partner Marc Newson. The company was established in 1994, and from its date of inception, the watch brand took hold of the market with its stylish and expensive watch ranges. During 2003, the company declared its bankruptcy and in 2005, it was again undertaken by a new set up named as IkePod Geneva. It is still operating under the same name. The name of the company was not a mere coincidence; rather it was a planned process. Ike was extracted from one of the founder’s name and pod and capsule designs were the stark preference of Newson. Although Newson left the organization and the partnership treaty in 2012, the name was never changed. IkePod watches paved the way of larger wristwatches in the world’s watch industry and fashion. In fact, following the trend, big-sized wrist watches came in fashion especially for sports watches. Between the 1990s and the first part of 2000s, these platinum-based wristwatches created a boom in the luxury watch segment. The first watch introduced from the house of IkePod was Sea-Slug. In 2011, the company launched its prodigal watch collection in the name of Hourglass. IkePod Horizon Watch is an internationally acclaimed wristwatch that runs on self-winding auto movement. It comes in different metals like platinum, red gold, or titanium, and dial colors are also available in different hues. It comes with a leather band and it is IkePod’s specialty. The style is ergonomic, no matter if the dial size is bigger; users have claimed that the luxury watch is lightweight. Used IkePod watches of the Horizon collection still enjoy great demand and may fetch a good resale value if sold. SeaSlug IkePod is one of the most popular collections from this brand that was a big hit in the market. Running on fully automatic movement, the watch displays date and month; it has a rotating bezel that is uni-directional, a zed back colored dial, and the best-quality CAD quality adjustable rubber band to hold the watch securely on the wrist. It was a divers’ watch built with auto mechanical movement using a specialized chronometer movement-ETA 2893-2. The Hemipode watch collection from this brand presents a new series of wrist watches that are built with a 2nd time zone modality regulated by pusher off-center type, and a watch movement that is based on the ETA 7750 caliber. The back case of the watch is equipped with a side window, which can be used for checking the movement of the watch without dismantling it. The watch comes with a signature quality rubber band to hold the watch on the wrist. If you are fascinated about the IkePod watches, why don’t you buy a signature luxury watch for you? Check with Midtown Watch and you will get cool used IkePod watches for sale at best prices.

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