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Jaquet Droz

Jaquet-Droz is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer named after Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a brilliant Neuchatel watchmaker and automaton builder, whose creations were famous throughout the world. Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened his first workshop in 1738. He started his watchmaking career as a clockmaker, producing longcase clocks with increasingly sophisticated movements. However, real popularity came to him after Jaquet-Droz had added automata and music to his mechanisms, which immediately grabbed the attention of a wealthy clientele. In 1758, supported by the governor of the principality of Neuchatel George Keith, the Swiss clockmaker presented his timepieces to the Spanish Court. King Ferdinand VI was impressed by the unusual mechanisms and paid a large sum of money for all the clocks Jaquet-Droz brought with him to Spain. In 1774, Pierre Jaquet-Droz teamed up with his son Henry-Louis and Jean-Frederic Lescho, a neighbor’s son, whom he thought of as his own. This marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that brought the Jaquet-Droz Company to new heights. In just several years, its mechanical clocks, automata, singing birds, and skillfully decorated pocket watches were already known not only in Switzerland and Spain, but in England, France, China, Japan, and India too. The company’s prosperity and success peaked in 1788 when Jaquet-Droz watches equipped with sophisticated complications, musical mechanisms, and automatons became popular all over the world. However, everything began to change rapidly in 1790 when Pierre Jaquet-Droz died. Henry-Louis died the following year, and the company passed into the hands of Jean-Frederic Leschot. Unfortunately, due to serious financial difficulties, the French Revolution, and later the Napoleonic Wars, any further development of the Jaquet-Droz manufacture was doomed to failure. The Jaquet-Droz brand was turned to life only in 2000 after it had been acquired by the Swatch Group. For today, this company still draws the inspiration from Pierre Jaquet-Droz’s early timepieces, his quest for innovation, and exceptional mechanisms with automatons he created in the mid-18th century. One of the most recognizable Jaquet-Droz luxury watches is the Grande Seconde, which is distinguished by the off-centered hours and minutes dial and the seconds counter placed at 6 o’clock. Inspired by the pocket watch designed by Pierre Jaquet-Droz in 1784, this classic model with timeless look was first introduced in 2002. Its avant-garde lines, unusual materials used in creation, enameled dial, and sophisticated mechanism are what make the Grande Seconde so popular today. No wonder, both men and women are constantly looking for new and pre-owned luxury watches from this collection. Among other Jaquet-Droz masterpieces are the Eclipse distinguished by a charming moon-phase indication, the Bird Repeater featuring a fantastic automaton that epitomizes the company’s heritage, and certainly the Ateliers D’art collection that represents the art of luxury decoration in all its beauty. These days, Jaquet-Droz new and used watches are available in a variety of designs to meet any taste. Exquisite timepieces produced under this brand can surprise even the most demanding clients. It is no wonder that Jaquet-Droz luxury watches are chosen by such celebrities as Diana Vishneva, Michael Jordan, and Luke Bryan.

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