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Jules Jurgensen is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of luxury watches. Its story began with Jurgen Jurgensen, a man of extraordinary talent, who was destined to have great significance for watchmaking history and also to become the founding father of the famous horological dynasty. Born in 1745, Jurgen Jurgensen showed great aptitude for the intricate mechanisms from a young age. He started as an apprentice to a clockmaker in Copenhagen and continued his training in Switzerland with J.F. Houriet, a celebrated horologist who is called “The Father of Swiss Chronometry.” In 1776, Jurgen Jurgensen together with another watchmaker Isaac Larpent opened his first workshop in Copenhagen. In 1781, they started production of high-quality pocket watches under the name Larpent & Jurgensen. Their success was not long in coming. Several years later, Jurgen Jurgensen officially became the watchmaker of King Fredrik VI. The second generation of the Jurgensen horological dynasty is represented by Jurgen’s son Urban, who studied the art of watchmaking in Copenhagen and polished his skills in Locle, London, and Paris with J.F. Houriet, Arnold & Son, and Breguet respectively. Urban Jurgensen was no less talented than his father, which is confirmed by sophisticated marine chronometers he created for the Royal Navy in the early 19th century. At the time, all company’s timepieces were released under the brand name Urban Jurgensen. After Urban Jurgensen died in 1830, his work was continued by his sons Jules and Louis-Urban, who represent the third generation of the Jurgensen family to study horology. In 1834, after many quality and precision horology improvements, the renewed Jurgensen timepieces were introduced in Le Locle, this time under the brand name Jules Jurgensen. The history of Jules Jurgensen watches was continued by Jacques Alfred Jurgensen. Unfortunately, he was the last Jurgensen in this horological dynasty. After his death in 1912, the company was split up but continued production of luxury watches under various shareholders. In 2011, the company was acquired by Dr. Helmut Crott who managed not only to bring the Jules Jurgensen and the Urban Jurgensen brands under the same roof, but also to revive the long watchmaking tradition of their founders. These days, the company’s ownership is again in Danish hands, with Soren J. Petersen appointed as CEO and President. Luxury watches are now produced under the brand name Urban Jurgensen.

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