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Krieger is one of the world’s most prestigious and fastest growing watchmaking companies with millions of fans throughout the globe, which story began with a humble desire of one person to time the flow and ebb of South Florida’s Atlantic coast. This man’s name is Ira Krieger. According to the company’s history, the idea of having a tidal watch came to Ira Krieger when his boat could not get to the marina due to an unexpected rising tide. However, his search of a timepiece able to predict the falling and rising tides ended with nothing. Inspired by this idea, Ira Krieger invented the first Tidal Chronometer in 1987. Equipped with a precise quartz movement and being intelligent enough to indicate low and high tides, the new timepiece quickly gained popularity among sailing enthusiasts, which marked the beginning of one of the most successful American watchmaking companies. In 1989, Ira Krieger invented another ingenious timepiece called the Lunar Chronometer. Able to indicate the most active times for wildlife and fish, it not only confirmed the high status of Krieger watches but also brought them even more popularity. Since that time, all timepieces released under this brand name have been distinguished by precision mechanics, great look, and creative solutions, which makes them highly sought-after by luxury watch lovers from around the world. Among other outstanding Krieger models created for water and land activities, there are several that deserve to be taken notice of for their excellence in both accurate mechanics and exceptional look. One of them is the Marine Chronometer, the most precise and the only certified marine wristwatch ever. Introduced in 1992, it has made a revolution in the watchmaking industry. The Hammerhead is also a perfect example of Krieger cutting-edge timepieces. Created in 1997, this dive watch became the first one to feature an exhibition back while being water-resistant up to 1,000 ft. It is impossible not to mention two more Krieger creations. In 2005, the company started production of the Mysterium wristwatches made of clear aluminum. For today, this collection includes a variety of models with different dial colors and interchangeable straps for any taste, all powered by manual-wound mechanical Swiss movements of the highest quality. Gigantium is another remarkable model in the Krieger range. Introduced in 2004, it was a forerunner to the popular today oversized wristwatches. In general, there are two main things that everyone should know about Krieger timepieces: they all are distinguished by a tasty, refreshing appearance and are always equipped with highly precise movements. No wonder that both new and pre-owned Krieger watches are so popular among luxury watch connoisseurs. Being synonymous with modern technology that knows no boundaries, these timepieces are chosen by such celebrities as Robert Downey Jr., 50 Cent, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, and Jamie Foxx. These days, Krieger remains an industry leader in designing luxurious timepieces of the highest quality, each with a fresh face and an accurate movement. Thereby, if you are looking for something special for yourself or your loved one, these watches are undoubtedly a good choice.

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