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The history of the Kutchinsky brand began in the late 1890s, when the first products of the talented family of jewelers were presented to the public. Founded by Hirsch Kutchinsky, the business was later led by his son Joseph Kutchinsky, who began working in the family business when he was a teenager. He quickly learned how to produce excellent diamond and platinum watches and became highly proficient in cutting diamonds for his exquisite accessories. After the Second World War during which the future businessman served as a soldier, Kutchinsky returned to producing luxury jewelry and watches. His business was located in London, and he was among the first to use platinum in the production of exclusive accessories. While his manufacture was initially based in East End, it was later moved to a more prestigious Knightsbridge where it attracted attention of wealthy clients. High-status clients were fascinated by the delicate style and opulence of accessories produced by Kutchinsky, which were ornamented with gold, clear diamonds, precious gems, and platinum. The brand’s products were created for style-conscious people who knew the value of high-quality, unique masterpieces of the watchmaking art. The company soon gained a reputation of one of the most exclusive ones on the luxury products market, so the owners decided to export their accessories to the Middle East – an extremely lucrative market at that time. Unfortunately for the company, things changed when Kuwait was invaded, and the Middle East immersed into the long-term crisis. The company had financial problems because it lost a major source of its revenues. In 1991, the family of talented jewelers had to sell their business to Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd., which currently produces luxury accessories under this brand. Despite the changes that occurred within the company, the glorious traditions of the brand are carefully maintained. Many of the durable and timeless pre-owned Kutchinsky watches produced by the brand are highly valued by watch connoisseurs and collectors for their eye-catching look and immaculate quality. These masterpieces are extremely rare and sold mainly at auctions. One needs to pay attention at ladies’ collections because they represent the timeless style and exceptional beauty. Many of women’s watches produced by this company feature stunning, fine textured 18k gold that perfectly suits special occasions. Each of these watches is characterized by the delicate design, and you won’t find any flaws in their perfect lines and high-quality Swiss movement. Notably, Kutchinsky watches also include a hallmark denoting the year when the watch was made, which makes the old models even more precious. The dial of each product is also signed and often surrounded by precious diamonds and other gems and complemented with a gold bracelet. All luxury Kutchinsky pre-owned watches are a real treasure due to their exceptional quality, brilliantly made movements and cases, and artfully crafted bracelets. Any watch enthusiast would love to possess a watch created by this famous jewelry house. You have an opportunity to buy one of Kutchinsky watches at our website and become a happy owner of one of the most exclusive and sophisticated accessories.

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