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Lang & Heyne

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Lang & Heyne is the famous Germany-based watchmaking company. Established in 2011 by Marco Lang, a talented craftsman and a dedicated artist, this company has evolved into the world-famous watch producer enjoying popularity among the most discerning watch nerds. As told by Marco Lang himself, he has never thought that his hobby would eventually develop into such a successful business. The man studied precision mechanic and horology and gained valuable knowledge about the watchmaking process for quite a long time. He was apprentice in Ihno Fleβner’s manufacturing, and learned much from this famous German watchmaker. After seven years of apprenticeship, Marco received the master certificate and went to Dresden to establish his own small business. Soon afterwards, Marco met Mirko Heyne, another talented craftsman who was eager to apply his skills in luxury watches’ production. Together, these two men launched their brand Lang & Heyne, which is now famous around the world. They first presented their products at the trade fair in Basle, and they have instantly attracted attention of experts and watch connoisseurs. Although Hayne eventually left the company, he and Marco remained good friends, so there was no need to change the brand’s name. Currently, Marco works as an independent watchmaker and continues to create high-quality, brilliant Lang & Heyne watches valued by collectors all over the world. The philosophy of the company is simple – to create the perfect timepieces that could be rightfully considered the gold standard of the watchmaking art. Watches created by the brand are much more that luxury accessories. They reflect the style and sophistication and feature only the best and most accurate mechanisms and movement. The company produces no more than 50 timepieces annually, which is not surprising given the time masters spend on each detail. It may take an hour to polish a single detail, so one can imagine how many hours and days are needed to create a perfect Lang & Heyne watch. Connoisseurs valuing the individual approach to each timepiece admire the brand’s products because they are created with the use of best handmade techniques and a desire to make excellent, timeless watches. Marco’s main goal is to design timepieces that will work for generations, so even pre-owned Lang & Heyne watches are highly appreciated by watch nerds. All watch models bear the names of the representatives of the German nobility, such as Albert, Augustus, Friedrich, Georg, and others. All models are restrained and have an extremely exquisite profile featuring sapphire glass and soft leather straps. Cases are made of rose gold, white gold, platinum, and stainless steel, while dials are presented mostly in white, silver, and black colors. The distinguishing feature of any Lang & Heyne watch is the dial with masterfully crafted hands, enamel, and numbers. Moreover, all models are extremely complex on the inside and are unique in their construction. Every brand’ watch is something special, as it was created with commitment and love for the watchmaking art. Even Lang & Heyne used watches deserve to be worn due to their impeccable and inimitably elegant design and high-quality movement.

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